‘Little People, Big World’ Update: Audrey Roloff Gets Baby Ember ‘All Dolled Up’ For First Christmas Photo

Audrey RoloffInstagram

Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff took to social media on Wednesday to share a photo of daughter Ember “all dolled up” for a baby’s first Christmas photo. The first-time mom and lifestyle blogger often shares photos of her baby girl across all social media accounts, but Wednesday’s photo of Ember held a special place in the hearts of LPBW fans. Ember Jean, who turned 3-months-old this month, dons a red Christmas dress in the photo, and fans left comments saying that they “loved” getting their girls “all dolled up.”

Audrey Roloff, 26, shared Ember’s first Christmas photo on Instagram and Facebook on Wednesday evening, along with a short message to her “sweet girl.” Baby Ember is shown wearing a red and white dress with a matching white bow on a thin headband to match the white bows on the dress. Mom Audrey tagged where she purchased Ember’s “beautiful” dress, while also adding that she has a “dress obsession.” The hashtag #myfirstchristmas appears at the bottom of each photo caption, and Little People, Big World fans said that the photo of #emberjean “brings back sweet memories” of their baby girls in “beautiful red Christmas dresses.”

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff welcomed baby Ember into the world in September, and since then, fans of the Little People, Big World couple have been debating what color hair their first child has. Audrey shared a post back in October on her Auj Poj blog called “Meet Our Baby Girl” and noted in the lengthy birth announcement that baby Ember Jean “might have a little glimmer of strawberry in that peach fuzz hair.” Since neither Jeremy nor Audrey has ever confirmed the color of Ember’s hair, fans continued to ask on Wednesday’s first Christmas photo if they could see “red hair like her momma.”

Ember Jean’s first Christmas photo has garnered a lot of positive attention from Little People, Big World fans who say that they “love” baby Ember and the entire Roloff family. Of course, fans were also asking Audrey Roloff on Wednesday’s photo of baby Ember when the Roloffs are “going to do the show again.” The final episode of the last new season of the Roloff family’s long-running TLC reality TV series aired nearly six months ago, but the Inquisitr previously shared that camera crews are still following the family around as filming for Season 13 is still underway.

Jeremy Roloff, 27, shared a photo on his Instagram account a week ago of the family choosing and cutting a Christmas tree for baby’s first Christmas. The photo shows Jeremy and Audrey Roloff, joined by Zach and Tori Roloff, on Christmas Mountain, a Christmas tree farm in Oregon, and a cameraman can be seen filming the family as they build memories for “Christmas season 2017.” Along with the Christmas holiday, several other holidays have passed since the Roloff family was on the small screen. Fans of Little People, Big World can probably expect to see the Roloff grandbabies, Jackson and Ember, celebrating July 4th, Halloween and pumpkin season on Roloff Farms, and Thanksgiving during the next new season.

Proud grandpa Matt Roloff, 56, shared a short video of baby Ember, also on Wednesday evening, of “the beautiful” and “always happy” Ember Jean. Baby Ember joined dad Jeremy on Wednesday to meet up with Matt “for lunch today.” Ember isn’t wearing her red Christmas dress in the #blessedgrandpa video that Matt posted to his personal Facebook account, but fans of Little People, Big World noted that she looked cute “with that smile and cooing.” In the background, proud grandpa Matt can be heard saying that baby Ember is a “cutie little girl.”

When asked by one of his followers how he handles “all this cuteness,” Matt Roloff replied back that “it’s amazing to be surrounded by such cuteness.”