‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Wedding Snags, Jake Rejects Jason, Fresh Start For Dream Team

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Angela Weiss/David LivingstonGetty Images

General Hospital spoilers tease more paternity drama and secrets will take place during the holidays. Drew (Billy Miller) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) will celebrate their love, but things will not look too good for Jason (Steve Burton).

Finally Engaged

Dream team went on a roller coaster of emotions after the big twin reveal. Sam decided to stay by Drew’s side, although she needed some time to think about his proposal. Alexis dropped the bomb on the legality of their marriage. Sam is not legally married to Drew since the papers were drawn under Jason Morgan’s name. General Hospital spoilers tease Sam will say yes to Drew’s proposal. She’ll give him the heads up to put his ring on her finger, and she will take off the ring Jason gave her.

Sam and Drew will have romantic moments together, but spoilers tease the holidays will have more in store for the couple. Sam and Jason will have another emotional encounter, and they might end up sharing a kiss. In a tweet, Steve Burton teased for drama for Sam and Jason but his character will always put Sam’s happiness first. Meanwhile, General Hospital spoilers tease Drew will run into some car issues and he might end up in enemy territory. There’s also the teaser involving a bang. In the world of General Hospital, it might be a hint that someone will end up with a bullet through his or her heart.


Father-Son Drama

Liz and Franco may have hit a rough patch during the past weeks, but the holidays have a lot of cheer for this couple. General Hospital spoilers tease they might have some happy moments ahead. Nevertheless, there’s more drama looming on the horizon and it will involve Jason.

Liz will have a lot to handle this week since Jason will drop by her place to pay a visit to Jake. Jason felt a surge of happiness during his reunion with Danny, but things will not be as smooth when he tries to bond with Jake. The child already accepted Drew as his father, and dealing with the fact that Jason is his dad will not be easy for the child. General Hospital spoilers tease Liz will try to talk to Jake to give Jason a chance. However, if the situation becomes too overwhelming for the child, Liz will try to bide more time for her son. Franco might not be such a great help either. He will receive an interesting note on the same day.

Wedding Day Drama

Celeb Dirty Laundry teasers hint Laura and Kevin’s wedding will not go as planned, and Maxie will think it’s impossible to push through with the wedding. However, the couple thinks Maxie just needs to chill and find a way to make it happen. General Hospital spoilers tease there will be surprise guests for this wedding and a fan favorite who will return to add more cheer to this affair.