Latest Duggar Family Video Raises Concerns Of Child Abuse Again

Duggar family is drawing flak for alleged abuse being meted out to Jordyn Duggar, who turned nine on Monday. A video of the birthday party has triggered concerns.

Jordyn Duggar is the eighteenth child and eighth daughter of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, born December 18, 2008. Her arrival prompted TLC to change the show’s name to 18 Kids and Counting. The C-section birth was aired on television during an episode that also saw newborn come home. The family has celebrated Jordyn’s birthday with videos in the past but clips from the last two years are being viewed as evidence of unhappiness in the Duggar child’s life.

In the latest video shared by Duggar family on Facebook, Jordyn is flanked by Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar at the celebrations organized at the Duggar home. The Caldwells, Dillards, Forsyths and Jordyn’s siblings including Joseph, Jill, Joy-Anna and the younger Duggar children were present.

In the nearly two-minute video, Michelle Duggar describes how the 9-year-old found her birthday dress at a thrift store and the dinner prepared for the occasion, before the gathering sings a birthday song. Many viewers who watched the video felt Jordyn seemed uncomfortable in her family’s presence, while some alleged the child is being abused.

“Maybe it’s just me but Jordyn seemed very uncomfortable and not wanting either of her parents touching her,” one viewer commented, echoing many such similar comments.

Ever since allegations of Josh Duggar inappropriately touching his sisters became public in 2015, the Duggar family has often been the target of allegations of child abuse. Incidentally at this time last year, the video from Jordyn’s birthday party evoked similar reactions. Jordyn, it appears, seemed uncomfortable at her last birthday celebrations as well.

For many, however, the video from this year is not evidence of abuse. Jordyn could simply be a shy child that hates attention, they said.

“I suspect Jordyn is a bit shy and a little embarrassed at all the attention. She cracked a few sweet, teeny smiles — especially for her daddy.”

After Josh Duggar’s scandals were made public by In Touch Weekly, the Duggar family has been heavily criticized in the past for ways in which they claimed to have handled issues of abuse in their household. Critics have blamed the Duggars’ affiliation to the Institute in Basic Life Principles, alleging that abuse in families affiliated to IBLP is addressed in ways favoring men while blaming the victim. The family told Megyn Kelly, according to Fox News, they took several measures to stop Josh.