‘Brady Bunch’ Star Maureen McCormick Reflects On Her Love For David Cassidy On ‘The Year In Memoriam 2017’

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Maureen McCormick and David Cassidy both starred on hit ABC sitcoms in the early 1970s—she played Marcia Brady on The Brady Bunch and he played Keith Partridge on The Partridge Family—but The Brady Bunch star has admitted that she always secretly wanted to be a Partridge. Now, just a few weeks after the death of David Cassidy, Maureen McCormick is remembering the former teen idol as “a really sweet person” who will “live on forever.” Maureen, who made her comments about David Cassidy for the ABC News special, The Year In Memoriam 2017, also remembered the fandom that had hysterical girls fainting at the sight of The Partridge Family superstar.

“They would go crazy,” McCormick told ABC News of Cassidy’s fans.

“I had a huge crush on him, just as every person in America did… That feathered perfect, gorgeous shiny hair. He could do it all….He just had that ‘it’ factor.”

Maureen McCormick also revealed that when she was a teen actress starring on The Brady Bunch, she would rush home on Friday nights, not to watch her show but to watch David Cassidy on The Partridge Family. You can see Maureen McCormick’s sweet tribute to David Cassidy below.

Maureen McCormick previously spoke out about David Cassidy shortly after his death in November. Last month, after Cassidy died of liver and kidney failure at age 67, Maureen took to Twitter to pay her respects and to admit that she secretly wanted to be a member of The Partridge Family.

“So very sad to hear of David Cassidy passing away,” Maureen tweeted. “He was always so kind and sweet to me. Our shows were both on Friday nights and deep down I dreamt of being a Partridge. His memory and love will live on in my [heart] forever. Love you David. Prayers to his family.”


In a video posted by The Blast, Maureen McCormick said David Cassidy brought so much love and joy to his fans. While she experienced a degree of teen idol adulation of her own while playing perfect high school teenager Marcia Brady on The Brady Bunch, Maureen made it clear that she wanted to be on Cassidy’s show, which spawned a slew of hit songs, including “I Think I Love You” and “I Woke Up in Love This Morning.” McCormick probably could have pulled it off, too, considering she is also a talented singer.

“I wanted to be a member of that family on that bus with all that 70s love,” McCormick said. “I loved [David Cassidy] so much. Such a good human, so much love.”

David Cassidy and The Partridge Family
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In addition to David Cassidy, many other stars were remembered on ABC’s The Year In Memoriam 2017 special. The hour-long retrospective paid tribute to some of the biggest TV, movie, and music icons who passed away in 2017, including Chuck Berry, Glen Campbell, Tom Petty, Don Rickles, Jerry Lewis, and Mary Tyler Moore.