Angelina Jolie Allegedly Gives Brad Pitt Four Hours To See Kids On Christmas Amid Divorce, Custody Battle

Angelina Jolie is only granting Brad Pitt four hours to spend with his children on Christmas Day, it has been alleged.

According to Cafe Mom, who cites Daily Star as its source, things are clearly still on icy terms between Angelina and Brad for she doesn’t see herself spending more than the four hours she’s agreed to spend with Pitt in the same room.

And given that all six children are living with her, it would evidently mean that Brad would have to leave after his arranged time with his kids is over — which is already proving itself to be a challenge for the actor, it’s been said.

Sources tell the publication that Brad is devastated by Angelina Jolie’s ruling to only have the A-list star see his children for no more than four hours on such a family festive day; it almost breaks his heart.

This is one of the few times that the entire family has been in the same room together, so there’s somewhat of an understanding as to why Angelina Jolie doesn’t want to find herself in an awkward situation, but the timing she is giving Brad has shattered his heart.

Things haven’t been the same between the former couple since Angelina’s divorce filing last September. While the estranged duo has been trying to come to some kind of custodial rights and divorce agreement, everything so far has fallen through, insiders claim.

It’s been extremely challenging because both parents completely adore their children, but given that Angelina Jolie has the kids for the majority of the time, Brad thinks it’s coldhearted that he doesn’t get a full day with them on Christmas Day.

He’s not said to have made a scene out of the arrangement Angelina Jolie has agreed to, particularly since this is one of the few times they will have seen each other since their divorce was announced at the end of 2016, so he’ll leave it be.

But it goes without saying that Pitt is already finding it hard to keep up a good image for his children, knowing how badly he would want to spend the entire day with them, regardless of whether Angelina Jolie is in his presence or not.

After all, the reason why he will be showing his face at Angelina’s home is mainly for the sake of the kids, not for any other reason.