‘Roseanne’ Revival Spoilers: Mark’s Fate Revealed, Will Be Addressed In New Show

Adam RoseABC

The Roseanne revival will officially hit airwaves in March, and fans are excitedly awaiting the brand new episodes. The show will return to Lanford, Illinois, where viewers will see the Connor family — Dan, Roseanne, Becky, Darlene, DJ, and Jackie — in the present day. However, one of the family’s most beloved members will not be featured.

According to a December 18 report by Pop Culture, Roseanne fans will not be seeing the character of Becky’s husband, Mark Healy, in the revival. As many fans of the show know, actor Glenn Quinn, who portrayed Mark on the series, tragically died of a drug overdose back in 2002, a few years after the original series ended. The character started off as Becky’s rebel boyfriend, whom Dan and Roseanne couldn’t stand, and turned into a lovable character who was always good for some comic relief.

As many fans already know, it has been confirmed that the Roseanne revival will not be recasting the character of Mark, and now his fate has finally be revealed. It seems that Mark will have died in the years since viewers last saw the Connor family. It has been confirmed that Mark’s absence, and his death, will be addressed in the new episodes, and fans will get to find out exactly how the character’s life came to an end.

However, there will not be a lack of a “Mark” on the show. Casting news has confirmed that Darlene and David’s son, played by young newcomer Ames McNamara, will be named Mark in honor of his late uncle. While Roseanne fans are used to the show bringing the laughs, they also know that the series had touched on some very deep storylines in the past such as death, abuse, infidelity, and more. It seems that Mark’s death will be one of those sad storylines but will also likely be met with comedy in a way that only Roseanne can bring to the table.


The Roseanne revival will begin airing on Tuesday, March 27 at 8 p.m. The premiere will be an extended one-hour episode, and likely touch on what the members of the Connor family have been up to for the past decade.