‘Alaskan Bush People’ The Truth About Ami Brown’s Health

Discovery Channel

Despite reports that Ami Brown has been miraculously cured of Stage IV lung cancer, the Alaskan Bush People matriarch is not actually out of the woods. While she has completed her second round of chemotherapy, Ami’s condition is still very serious.

According to the ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Exposed Facebook page, Ami had been doing better, but had a “setback” around Thanksgiving. The site didn’t go into details about what that setback might have been, but did say that Ami has been able to rebound since then, but she’s still “recuperating” in Los Angeles. While several media outlets had reported that Ami was terminal and that she didn’t have much longer to live, she has persevered. Of course, this has led many fans (and Alaskan Bush People disbelievers) to think that Ami was faking her illness, or, at the very least, was making it seem worse than it was. However, that doesn’t seem to actually be the case at all.

“There has been no miracle cure and unfortunately this will be a long battle for her,” the Alaskan Bush People’ Exposed page’s curator wrote on December 16. There is no sugar-coating what Ami Brown has gone through. A Stage IV cancer diagnosis is one of the worst things that a person can hear from a doctor. Although there are some patients that are able to fight cancer successfully and miracles do indeed happen, it doesn’t take away from the strength and bravery that a patient needs to make that happen. Additionally, chemotherapy takes its toll on the human body, no matter how strong a person might be.

All of that said, Ami Brown is still in the recovery process. If her cancer is in remission as the Brown family revealed on their Christmas special, it doesn’t mean that she is “cancer free.” Being in remission means that the body has reacted to treatment and that the cancer cells have stopped growing. Often times, there is no sign of cancer in a patient’s body after treatment is completed, however, it’s entirely possible for the cancer to return — especially as weeks go by. It is imperative for Ami Brown to take care of herself and to keep up with her doctor visits and follow-ups.

“She has lost a lot of her hair, wears a hat most of the time and very frail. Hopefully, after the holidays she will get strong enough to start filming the upcoming season,” reported the ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Exposed Facebook page.

Fans are hopeful that Ami Brown will be able to continue to fight on and that her cancer remains at bay.