Snow Comes To ‘GTA Online’ This Week With The Festive Surprise Update

Rockstar Games

Los Santos will soon be covered in snow for the holiday season. The online option for Grand Theft Auto V updates each year with a fresh blanket of snow just in time for Christmas. GTA Online players can start frolicking with their allies and enemies on December 19. The entire map will be draped in snow for a temporary period. Snow only falls in GTA Online once a year so players must enjoy the festivities while they can.

GTA Online players can log in today to receive a free set of pajamas and a smoking jacket. They will also receive free ammo when they log in today. The pajamas and ammo are the last in a set of free gifts given out daily over the weekend. After the Festive Surprise update launches tomorrow, a new set of promotions will begin.

Of course, the snowfall is the main attraction of the Festive Surprise update. The altered map lets players toss snowballs at each other. Not to mention, the snow makes driving a different experience. Most vehicles handle very differently in the snow. Players’ apartments and properties will be decorated for the season with Christmas trees. If previous Festive Surprise updates are any indication, new content and discounts will also go live tomorrow as well.

The Festive Surprise update comes to GTA Online with new promotions and discounts
Featured image credit: Rockstar Games

GTA Online is still updating regularly with reoccurring events, new content, and weekly specials. In fact, the online mode just updated with a new heist, properties, and vehicles. As the Inquisitr reported, The Doomsday Heist is now available for two to four players. Before they take on this new challenge, at least one member of the team will need to own a Facility. This new property is required to start The Doomsday Heist, and it acts a storage area for the new Mammoth Avenger.

Players can jump into GTA Online now with the new Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack. This pack includes several properties, vehicles, and weapons worth over $10 million. Additionally, players will receive $1 million to buy what they want in GTA Online if they purchase this new pack. The Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack costs $39.99. The base Grand Theft Auto V client is still required to play GTA Online.