Mariah Carey And Ex James Packer Worked Things Out, To Keep Ring Carey Agreed To Not Speak Ill Of Packer

Mariah Carey and James Packer’s whirlwind romance came to an end over a year ago, and was apparently a heartbreaking experience for the diva who was reportedly blindsided by the billionaire businessman’s decision to call off his engagement to Carey.

The one massive, and likely appreciated reminder Mariah was offered from Packer, was an opportunity to keep the incredible engagement ring he proposed to the diva with. Ever since, Carey has been spotted donning the jewel and making the best of the difficult time. It certainly didn’t take long for Mariah to move on to a new man. Ever since the end of 2016, the superstar has been romantically linked to her backup dancer, Bryan Tanaka.

Recent reports indicate that Packer and Carey worked things out shortly after their break-up, meaning that the former couple discussed how to remain civil while moving forward in their individual romantic lives. The New York Daily News notes details about the recent news regarding the terms agreed upon by Packer and Carey.

The publication relays words of a source who spoke about the said agreement.

“Mariah got what she wanted, which was essentially her engagement ring and a payout. It was not as much as people thought. And James wanted to make sure that they had a deal not to attack each other in public and keep things amicable. Both are locked in to be ‘positively silent’ — in other words to only say things about themselves if asked about the failure, rather than badmouth one another.”

As for reasons the engagement fell apart, the source notes that a “dreadful” fight and experience in Greece was the catapult to Packer calling it quits. Although the former couple came to the said agreement, and are abiding by it, the superstar and businessman, who seemed an unlikely couple from the start, are not speaking.

Since the split, Mariah, despite moving on in love, has experienced a bit of a rocky road that has involved quite a bit of transition. The star gave a horrific New Year’s Eve performance in New York early this year which resulted in the diva firing her choreographer. Since this point, Carey and her manager have also parted ways. In addition, Mariah has steadily been gaining weight since her split, which has brought on terrible criticism from trolls and followers on social media.

Despite all of the this, the mother of two is keeping her head up and carrying on with tours and various endeavors. There is no question that Christmas is Carey’s season, and recent reports indicate that Mariah’s massive hit “All I Want for Christmas” is the most streamed song on Spotify, as The List reports.

“I feel like this is something small compared to the rest of my catalogue. This song just continues to surprise me,” Mariah said of the popular track.