Omarosa Surfaces In Weird Video Upon Exit From White House — Clip Reinforces Strange Bedfellows Arguments

Roz Zurko - Author

Dec. 17 2017, Updated 1:33 p.m. ET

With Omarosa saturating the news this week via her abrupt resignation – firing reports, someone somewhere stumbled upon a video of her that has people wondering why she was ever allowed into the White House to begin with. This video was created when she was still riding on the coattails of her 15 minutes of fame from The Apprentice.

The reason behind the video is unknown, only that it looks like a strange attempt at a Trump parody as she sets out to do bizarre things like stealing the hair of Donald Trump. The video titled “Soul Sistahs” is described on YouTube as “TV villainess Omarosa steals Donald Trump’s hair for all of the power in the universe.”

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As Fox News suggested, this video depicts Omarosa Manigault Newman with a “less, er, stateswomanly side emerged.” This 11-year-old clip has also prompted some vicious attacks online, but they are not just aimed at her. Trump and his administration are getting their fair share as well for hiring her in the first place.

The online comments are mostly nasty and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone saying something nice about Omarosa or Trump’s choice of bringing her into the White House. While this clip is as far away from politics as one can get, it is still adding fuel to the fire of some of Trump’s choices since taking a seat in the Oval Office.

One Twitter user states, “Bizarre video starring Omarosa surfaces. I mean, Trump promised to hire only the best and the brightest. He really delivered with this one.”

As the NZ Herald reported last year when news of Omarosa’s hiring went public, people were “shocked.” This is a woman who was dubbed “one of the most volatile reality television stars in history.” During her Apprentice days, she was known for her abrupt outbursts, like the time she dumped a glass of wine over Piers Morgan’s head.

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People thought she made strange bedfellows with Trump and his administration and now that she’s out of the White House, they continue with that line of thinking as the newly surfaced Omarosa video gives them a platform to start up with again.

The comments from the Fox News readers are seen below:

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Blockquote open

“Why would SHE be hired for a position in communications? She’s abrasive and obnoxious!”

“Well, you gave her a chance Mr. President, now put someone else that will work FOR the people in her place.”

“So how long before Trump hires Chachi to a White House position?”

“Trump sure knows how to pick’em.”

“Yup, I really wondered why he brought that tramp into the White House.”

“She scares me. I’m afraid she’s going to keep her “fame” alive by trashing Trump with behind the scenes stories.”

- Blockquote close

The video has almost as many “thumbs down” as “likes” and so far almost 80,000 have viewed this “uber-low budget 10-minute sci-fi short film,” as Fox calls it. It appears to be an attempt at a science fiction clip. Fox News also describes how this video picked up some steam after sitting dormant for a decade. Fox writes, the “pop-culture polymath” sent Page Six a link to this “ultra-camp, hyper-kitsch, uber-low-budget 10-minute sci-fi short film,” which is how it got its quick shot of fame today.

At one point in this weird video she is knocked out and then upon awakening, she is given scissors and a motorcycle for her mission of going to get “the hair of Donald Trump.” This video was posted in March of 2006, long before the White House move was on Trump’s calendar, so it appears Omarosa goes to Trump Tower for the hair of Trump.


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