Faith Stowers Lashes Out At Lala Kent And James Kennedy Amidst Jax Taylor And Brittany Cartwright Scandal

On the upcoming Vanderpump Rules episode to air on Monday night, viewers will see the return of Lala Kent. A preview clip shows Lala apologizing to Lisa Vanderpump for quitting her work as a hostess at SUR last season and asking to be employed again. Lisa, after listening to Lala talk about how she’s a changed woman, agrees to hire her back. Will viewers also see Lala talking to Faith Stowers about the Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright cheating scandal? Will Lala get more out of Faith, who first made the shocking claim to James Kennedy, about the night Jax cheated on his girlfriend, Brittany, with her? After all, in previous seasons, Lala and Faith were shown being good friends.

As it turns out, Faith and Lala are apparently no longer friends. And according to Faith, the demise of their friendship is because Lala was cut out of the cheating story line. In response to a viewer leaving a comment on one of Faith’s recent Instagram videos expressing hope that Lala is there for her now that she’s receiving a lot of criticism and negativity, Faith said that Lala is upset because she wanted to be the one who put it out there that Jax cheated on Brittany. Faith further added that Lala doesn’t have her back and that her friendship was fake all along.

“kingfaithhope: @ihaveneverlikedyou Lala is upset because she wanted to put this story out there so she doesn’t have my back and has been fake the whole time.”

Nor will viewers see Faith and Lala hang out in a future season. In another comment that she posted on her Instagram video, Faith also claimed that she quit Vanderpump Rules. According to Faith, she’s on another network. That network may be E!, for Faith’s Instagram video is a clip from E!’s WAGS that shows her interviewing one of the show’s stars.

“kingfaithhope:@wynter.ell I’m not on the show i quit awhile ago. I’m on a whole other network. I’m happy to be working and doing other things. I’m grateful for what Bravo has done, on to the next.”

In another comment, Faith said that she’s filming another show and reiterated that she was the one who quit Bravo.

“kingfaithhope: @samanthalustre_ girl bye you weren’t there, y’all are viewers that’s it. We actually live this life. I’m filming a whole other show lol Bravo isn’t the only network out there. And i quit with them let’s be clear.”

Faith also revealed that she quit working at SUR. According to Faith, she’s “not about that restaurant life.”

“kingfaithhope: @wynter.ell nope i quit a loooong Time ago. Not about that restaurant life lmao”

I’m in bad need of some boo boo Time @scheana @itsjameskennedy

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Lala Kent isn’t the only one Faith Stowers is calling out. In a comment to a more recent Instagram video, Faith claimed that James Kennedy is now friends with Jax Taylor simply because of the show. Faith also again claimed that Lala wanted to be the one who revealed Jax’s cheating on Brittany Cartwright in order to get more money from the show. Faith labeled both James and Lala as fake friends.

“kingfaithhope: @pcdoll James says he is back friends with Jax and says sorry faith just business, lol so sad. and Lala is mad because she wanted to deliver the scandal to bravo for more money in her contract and didn’t get to because of scheana party. They were fake friends and i learned my lesson.”

The premiere VanderpumpRules episode showed everyone, with the exception of Lala Kent, at Scheana Marie’s birthday party. During the party, Faith Stowers told James Kennedy that Jax Taylor cheated on his girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright, with her. Faith went into great detail, going so far as saying that Jax initiated the sex while she was working in the home of an elderly woman as a caretaker and that the elderly woman was sleeping right near to them when they were doing the deed. Brittany, after hearing about Faith’s claim from other party attendees, angrily confronted Jax. Jax repeatedly denied Faith’s claim. Then on last week’s episode, Jax finally admitted to Brittany that he did have sex with Faith. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Faith has remained defiant in spite of all of the criticism that viewers have sent her way and has even declared that she loves her “haters.”