‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Liam Discovers Steffy DNA Test And Cheating – Clueless It Was With His Dad

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise that Liam Spencer’s (Scott Clifton) discovery will come in stages with the pregnancy and cheating mess, but the first phase of the wound opens next week. In the latest B&B spoilers for the week of December 18-22, Liam and Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) share their baby news. Liam runs to his brother Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) while Steffy runs scared to Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) to confess that she’s got a bun in the oven. Things get dicier from there.

Bill demands DNA test – Liam grows suspicious

Bold spoilers from She Knows Soaps for Wednesday reveal that Bill insists that Steffy must find out the truth and either confirm her fears or realize there’s nothing to worry about with the pregnancy. Steffy will agree to get the DNA test, and that decision tugs the thread that will unravel her marriage to Liam, but she doesn’t know that at the time. Bill is certain the baby is his since she and Liam were trying for months to get pregnant with no luck and then after one night with him, she’s preggers.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Bill is also worried about everything he will lose if he’s the father of Steffy’s baby. But Bill must know and so Steffy goes to take the test in coming days. The paternity test is simple enough, but the very fact that Steffy is having one done is a sign that she doubts the baby could be Liam’s. Bold spoilers say the complication comes when the results are in, the doctor notifies Steffy, and Liam discovers she had the paternity test.

Cheating revealed – but some secrets held back

B&B spoilers from Soap Central for early 2018 promise that “a bombshell rocks Liam’s life” and it turns out it will be a series of explosions leading to the ultimate reveal of his father and wife’s betrayal. When Liam finds out Steffy ran a paternity test there’s only one explanation – she doubts the baby is his. Steffy might try to write the test off as a genetic test to make sure the baby is healthy, but if so, that lie won’t last too long. Liam will know around year’s end that Steffy cheated.

Other Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and rumors hint the interesting twist that at first, Liam won’t know who Steffy slept with that’s raised her concerns. But Liam does the math and realizes that Steffy was with someone at the Forrester guesthouse. Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) giving back the bracelet was a major clue for Liam that Steffy wasn’t where she said and that she lied about what she was doing. Liam is pretty naïve, but his bubble will burst soon and he knows his wife was unfaithful.

Distraught Liam turns to Bill after cheating reveal

The newest Bold spoilers from Soap Hub hint that Liam’s joy at Steffy’s pregnancy won’t last long and when he finds out she cheated, he turns to his dad Bill for advice and comfort. That provides Bill the opportunity to come clean to Liam that he was the one that slept with Steffy – or he can keep the lie going and let Liam assume it was someone random that she hooked up with while angry. An interlude with a stranger after their fight is much better than the ugly truth that Liam soon discovers.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Bill will not tell the truth. Instead, he will comfort Liam while encouraging him to forgive Steffy for her indiscretion. That sounds like good advice until Liam finds out that his dad might be the father of Steffy’s baby and then he will snap. Actor Scott Clifton shared a photo of him in character captioned “Don’t drive angry” which gives a glimpse of how Liam will react when all the dirty secrets come out in just a couple of weeks.

“Don’t drive angry.”

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Hope Logan recast Annika Noelle debuts January 8 and Clifton has been sharing lots of photos of them on set together. Both Hope and Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) would be happy to console grief-stricken Liam so a new Sally-Liam-Hope love triangle may kick off in the New Year with Steffy left totally out in the cold with her baby and her father-in-law to comfort her. The multi-stage cheating reveal rolls out between now and early next year. Stay tuned to CBS, so you don’t miss a thing and come back often for more The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.