WWE News: John Cena Explains Why He Went Hollywood

John Cena rarely wrestles anymore for the WWE and spends most of his time in Hollywood making movies. This Christmas, Cena voices an animated bull in the film Ferdinand, and he will appear in the Bumblebee, the next chapter in the Transformers movie franchise. However, in a recent interview with Al Arabiya, Cena talked about his acting career and his reduced role with the WWE. Interestingly, Cena said that he never wanted to quit wrestling and go to Hollywood, but he was told that was something he needed to do. According to Cena, it was an order from upper management in the WWE that sent him to Hollywood, to begin with.

The Reason John Cena Went Hollywood

John Cena said that he didn’t want to make films at all, in the start. However, the WWE told him to make movies because the thought was that professional wrestlers who made movies and then returned to wrestle would bring new fans back with them to the WWE. Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson is a perfect example.

Cena said that WWE Studios launched in around 2003 or 2004 and they started to make their own movies in an attempt to make WWE superstars even bigger. Names like John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, The Big Show, The Miz, and Randy Orton are examples of wrestlers making movies for the WWE.

It was John Cena that was the biggest star in the WWE, and it turned out to be Cena that followed in the footsteps of The Rock and Batista when it comes to Hollywood success.

John Cena On His New Hollywood Success

John Cena initially started out making action movies, just like The Rock before him. With roles in The Marine and 12 Rounds, Cena looked just to continue making movies while continuing to wrestle full-time for the WWE.

However, something changed in 2015. That was the year that Cena picked up a small role in the comedy Trainwreck and Cena decided to give comedies a try. It was the same thing The Rock did when his career exploded. Roles in Daddy’s Home and Ferdinand have launched Cena into a more legitimate role in Hollywood.

Cena said that he has always been an “idiot” and has no problem being the butt of a joke. He said that he isn’t afraid to put his life out there and make people laugh. As a result, he is comfortable acting and is enjoying it right now. While he didn’t want to go to Hollywood, to begin with, John Cena admitted that he is happy there now and is having a good time.