Julie Bowen Talks Tori Spelling: ‘I Am Confused As To Why Tori Spelling Has Five Kids’

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Julie Bowen was asked to name a celebrity mom that she admired. Unfortunately, the Modern Family actress was bereft of speech. The 47-year-old told Us Weekly at the Tiny Prints Baby2Baby Holiday Wrapping Party in L.A. that she would usually have an excellent answer to a question such as this one. However, on this particular occasion, she couldn’t really think of any celeb mom’s that she admired.

“I usually have a good answer to this, but I can’t think of anybody.”

Bowen then proceeded to change the conversation topic to Tori Spelling, who has five children.

“I don’t know if I look up to her or I’m just confused… I look up to anyone who clearly loves being a mom because it’s really hard. It’s hard to be a mom. It’s hard to be a dad. It’s exhausting and every day I feel like I’m three steps forward and one step back. I apologize a lot.”

Bowen and her software developer husband, Scott Phillips, share a 10-year-old son, Oliver, and a set of 8-year-old twins, John and Gustav.

Bowen admitted she makes a lot of mistakes and that anyone who pretends they are the perfect parent, she will automatically resent.

“I’m like, ‘No, you’re not. None of of us are. We’re all guessing and doing our very, very best.'”

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The two-time Emmy winner opened up about her 13-year marriage and said that being at odds is a part of life.

“I’ve spent a lot of time in excellent therapy and butting heads is part of life.”

Bowen told Us Weekly that she actually thinks it’s healthy for her sons to see her and Phillips bicker a little bit and then find a solution.

“Being perfect is not a good role model for your children… They need to see that there are arguments and they need to see how those get resolved.”

Bowen isn’t the only one who had some issues with Spelling having five children. Candy Spelling, Tori Spelling’s mother, had some similar thoughts.

Candy Spelling opened up about the possibility of future grandchildren from daughter Tori Spelling and her son-in-law, Dean McDermott. Candy’s 44-year-old daughter, Tori Spelling, and Dean McDermott share five children together: Liam, 9, Stella, 8, Hattie, 5, Finn, 4, and Beau, 9 months. However, Candy hopes that Tori is finished having children, according to Us Weekly.

“She just loves her kids… I hope she’s finished, but you never know.”

The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum and Candy Spelling have had their ups and downs in the past. Back in December of 2014, Tori hinted that her late father, Aaron Spelling, “created a lot of the competition” between them.

Now it appears that their relationship has gotten better. Back in February, Candy, 71, threw Tori a lavish baby shower for her fifth child.

Over the weekend, Candy Spelling said that Tori is her daughter and she would do anything to help, according to Us Weekly.

“Let me tell you, she’s my daughter. I love her… I would do anything to help my children if I can.”

According to the Daily Mail, Candy Spelling is reportedly worth $600 million and pays for her grandchildren’s schooling.

Tori, who welcomed the McDermotts’ newest addition in March, spoke with E! News and talked about life as a family of seven. Beau arrived via a scheduled c-section.

“It’s been a blessing having baby Beau… I think not just for our family but for us. Our love has grown stronger.”

When asked if they would consider expanding their family, Dean said, “Never say never.”