‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Faison Was Betrayed By Dr. Kim Nero? Six Clues Point To Oscar’s Mother

Tracey Johnson - Author

Dec. 16 2017, Updated 11:09 p.m. ET

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Jason (Steve Burton) are still trying to solve the mind-mapping mystery. A huge bomb was dropped when it was revealed that someone betrayed Faison (Anders Hove). Now Jason, Sonny, and even Drew (Billy Miller) are trying to hunt down Faison’s traitor. They are hoping that at the very least, the traitor will be able to answer some very pertinent questions that will help them solve the mystery and maybe even get Drew’s memory back. But the traitor could be sitting right in their midst, Dr. Kim Nero (Tamara Braun)! Here are six clues pointing to the fact that Kim betrayed Faison.

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1. Man Or Woman?

Throughout this investigation, Jason dropped an important clue as to the sex of the traitor. He has stated again and again that they don’t know if it’s a man or woman. General Hospital spoilers, via Celeb Dirty Laundry, indicate that the writers definitely want us to take cognizance of the fact that a female traitor is a real possibility. Kim is an obvious candidate as we already know that her word cannot be trusted. In fact, other General Hospital spoilers state that more of her lies are about to be exposed.

2. Port Charles Move

Why did Kim suddenly move to Port Charles? It seems strange that after all these years she moves to the place where Drew and Jason find themselves. General Hospital spoilers state that Kim could have strategically decided to move to Port Charles. When Monica (Leslie Charleson) confronted her about it, Kim admitted there was a possibility that Drew might be living here.

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3. A Repeated Betrayal

Another huge clue is the fact that Faison said that the person had betrayed him “again” by not killing Jason. Drew was supposed take over Jason’s life, and therefore Jason could have been killed off once Drew received the memory implant. General Hospital spoilers hint that the first betrayal could have been that Kim fell in love with Jason and did not want to follow through with their plan.

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4. The Oscar Element

Perhaps Kim was working with Faison but then fell in love with Jason. However, General Hospital spoilers suggest that when Faison found out about Oscar, he could have used her son’s life as leverage. With her medical expertise, she could have been blackmailed to help with the mind-mapping study. That could explain why Kim is so jumpy and nervous at times, as if she’s scared that someone has found her.

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5. The Clinic Factor

How did Jason end up in a clinic instead of six foot underground? General Hospital spoilers speculate that Kim might have been told to get rid of Jason with a lethal injection. However, with her contacts, she would have been able to send him away to a facility where at least he would be alive.

6. Surprise!

If Kim knew that Drew was in Port Charles, why was she genuinely surprised when she saw him at Carly’s (Laura Wright) Thanksgiving dinner? General Hospital spoilers reveal that she didn’t know what Drew’s current appearance was, and was therefore shocked when she saw him.


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