‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Traitor Attacks Drew, Jason Steps In To Rescue Twin, Stage Set For JaSam Reunion?

Jason Kempin/Jason MerrittGetty Images

General Hospital spoilers tease Andrew Cain (Billy Miller) will find himself in grave danger. Andre just revealed something crucial – the Christmas ornament contains Drew’s memories. When Jason hears about this, he will rush to inform Drew about what he knows.

The secret enemy is still at large, andGeneral Hospital spoilers hint the twins have to figure out who he is to make their move. However, spoilers tease, their enemy will strike earlier than expected and his next target will be Drew.

Dangerous Memories

General Hospital spoilers tease that the year will end with a bang. From the looks of it, there’s a major rescue in the works and it will involve Jason and Drew. Drew will have car problems on December 29. However, it will not be a simple incident. This will most probably be the enemy’s ruse to catch him off-guard. Drew will think nothing is amiss, but he will be wrong. There might be an important reason behind her car trouble.

Jason doesn’t want to waste time in uncovering the truth. Spoilers tease he will tell his twin about what Andre spilled. Jason thinks Drew’s memories will be useful in their investigation. His twin might have met the traitor before his memory was erased. Hence, Jason is interested in the details which might be the Christmas ornament.


Previously on General Hospital, Andre warned about the memory reversal procedure. No one attempted to do it yet, and it might have dire consequences. However, Andre seems to have changed his tune. Bringing back Drew’s memories may be possible although the procedure is bound to be a complicated one.

Plans Gone Wrong

Andre revealed Faison wanted to kill Jason and replace it with Drew. However, someone decided to take Jason away. The identity of the traitor is yet to be established, but it might turn out to be someone whom everyone is acquainted with.

Spoilers tease the mastermind will also think the memory reversal procedure might succeed. Of course, the person behind of this doesn’t want to be discovered. So, the best thing to do is abduct Drew or find a way to make him keep quiet about the things he knows.

Big Adventures Ahead

General Hospital spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry tease the traitor Jason and Sonny are looking for is already in Port Charles. Kim might be involved in some shady business since she still acts jumpy. Given her relationship with Nelle, she might have something big to hide and Nelle will use her secret to make her do things. Needless to say, General Hospital spoilers tease the twins might be caught in an adventure.