Restaurant Founded By Justin Timberlake Holds Steve Bannon Fundraiser -- Twitter Goes Wild

Thursday night a fundraising dinner organized by embattled Trump adviser Steve Bannon was held in New York's Hell's Kitchen at the restaurant Southern Hospitality, founded by singer Justin Timberlake. When the information hit the press that Timberlake's restaurant played host to a Bannon event, raising money for Congressman Lee Zeldin, Twitter went wild, calling Justin Timberlake and even wife Jessica Biel out. But while Timberlake fans didn't have all of the information, they seemed to know how they felt about Bannon.

Timberlake Faced Bannon Backlash

And it's not just Justin Timberlake fans who don't like Steve Bannon, because after Bannon stumped for Roy Moore in the election, Bannon is having trouble getting love from his own Republican Party, many of whom are asking Bannon to stay away from their candidates. That is why it's so strange that Steve Bannon was in New York on Thursday throwing a dinner for Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin.

After the Roy Moore loss in Alabama, GOP Representative Pete King went on CNN to say that Bannon should just go away, as he is an embarrassment to the Republican Party. King said that Bannon looked questionable when he spoke for Roy Moore.

"He looks like some disheveled drunk who wandered onto the national stage."

Justin Timberlake Sold His Share Of Southern Hospitality

Fans got themselves whipped up into a frenzy that Justin Timberlake would let Steve Bannon hold a dinner at his soul food restaurant Southern Hospitality, and there was talk of protest on Twitter, says Vanity Fair. Many fans were asking questions like, "Justin Timberlake, how could you?"

But while Justin Timberlake still has input at Southern Hospitality, he is no longer the owner. Timberlake's rep spoke out to quickly say that his client had no part in Bannon holding court at the restaurant.

"While Justin [Timberlake] and [co-founder] Trace [Ayala] continue their friendship with [co-founder] Eytan [Sugarman], and continue to provide fresh ideas and promotion for Southern Hospitality, they are not investors, owners, or partners, nor do they have any knowledge of or involvement in the operations of the restaurant."
Justin Timberlake has not been part of Southern Hospitality since 2009.

New York State Assembly member Yuh-Line Niou brought the Steve Bannon dinner to the attention of Twitter, not to tell on Justin Timberlake, but to organize a protest to tell Bannon that he was not welcome.

"#resistance! Steve Bannon is having a fucking fundraiser at the Southern Hospitality in Hells Kitchen at 7. I don't want him to feel welcome in my city. We need to protest! It's cold, but this political climate is even colder for our immigrants, working families, and our rights!"
But Justin Timberlake still has gotten a lot of pushback as a result of his connection to Southern Hospitality, and some have even suggested sharing their thoughts on Bannon on the Southern Hospitality Yelp page, Timberlake connection or not.
"Justin Timberlake's restaurant Southern Hospitality hosted a Steve Bannon fundraiser on Thursday. How could you Justin? Let him know on Yelp!"
Oh No, They Didn't says that after the event, Bannon was seen "sneaking" out the back after the dinner with the help of NYPD.

Others suggested still that they want Justin Timberlake himself to answer why he would allow his name to be associated with Steve Bannon.

"Can someone famous with a voice and platform PLEASE ASK JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE WHY he allowed congressman #LeeZeldin to fundraise with Steve Bannon at his restaurant Southern Hospitality BBQ in NYC last night?"