Kenny Omega To Compete In Impact Wrestling? [Rumor]

While Impact Wrestling is experiencing both an economic downturn, as well as a mass exodus of in-ring and backstage personnel, there may be some news that could significantly boost the interest of the company. It was recently announced that former Team Canada manager Scott D’Amore and former Impact Wrestling “management consultant” Don Callis are now the executive vice presidents of the company.

With Anthem Sports and Entertainment now at the helm, the company is looking to feature programming that can get them out of the negative perception they are currently receiving from a number of pro wrestling fans.

While the company still has names such as Moose, Alberto El Patron, Johnny Impact, Eli Drake, Bobby Lashley, EC3, Eddie Edwards, Matt Sydal, and LAX to maintain interest, the change in contracts to be per-day instead of annual could be a major blow in maintaining these talents. Hopefully, with the new executive staff, there will be strides in the right direction in making Impact Wrestling the compelling product that it once was. Moreover, gaining notable talent is another factor that could turn interest back to the company.

Based on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Live, one person could possibly be competing for Impact Wrestling in the future.

A listener asked whether Kenny Omega could appear in Impact since Don Callis has the opportunity to form a partnership with New Japan and Ring of Honor. While being signed as an executive vice president of Impact Wrestling, Callis also serves as an English commentator for New Japan Pro Wrestling, alongside Kevin Kelly. Moreover, ROH has a partnership with New Japan, and have been featured on the Wrestle Kingdom pay-per-views for the past two years.

When asked the question, Bryan Alvarez made it clear, based on the interview Chris Jericho had with the Wrestling Observer, that Jericho has absolutely no desire to compete with any other American promotion other than WWE. He oftentimes calls himself a “disciple” of Vince McMahon and even admitted that they are friends and frequently talk about things other than pro wrestling.

However, regarding Omega, Alvarez stated that it is certainly a possibility that Omega could show up in Impact. If this were to occur, it could very well shake up the company for the better, especially since the company is now based out of Canada, and “The Cleaner” is Canadian. It would be an easy transition to revolve the company around him.