Matt Lauer ‘Devious’ TV Comeback Reportedly Exploits Wife, But Will Viewers Watch Allegedly ‘Pervy’ Matt?

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Ever since NBC News fired Matt Lauer, the former Today show host has faced rumors ranging from his wife, Annette Roque’s fury about his alleged love children and cheating to his colleagues’ comments about his reported sexual misconduct. A new report claims that despite all the negative rumors regarding the fired host, Lauer is determined to stage a TV comeback. But with ratings for Today soaring, rather than sinking after Matt’s departure, will viewers forget Lauer’s allegedly “pervy” misconduct and watch him again on television?

TV Experts Speculate Matt Lauer Turns Off Viewers

Fox News pointed out that the soaring Today show ratings are a surprise to most TV experts. But although some think that viewers are watching in hopes of seeing NBC struggle with a “train wreck” in the wake of Matt’s firing due to sexual misconduct allegations, others inside the industry have a different take on the situation.

“A growing number of industry insiders are wondering if for years, the $25 million star was actually turning viewers away. Was pervy Matt Lauer actually keeping viewers from NBC’s Today show?”

Reflecting on Lauer’s past, one TV executive told Fox News that women have never forgiven Matt “for what he did to Ann [Curry] five years ago.” Looking at the spike in the Today show ratings since Lauer’s departure, the executive said that insiders now believe Lauer was “actively hurting” the ratings of the show for years because of the rumors about his behavior.

Annette Roque and husband Matt Lauer looked doggone happy prior to the sex scandal that got him fired from NBC.
Annette Roque and husband Matt Lauer looked doggone happy prior to the sex scandal that got him fired from NBC. Featured image credit: Mike CoppolaGetty Images

As the Inquisitr reported, allegations about Matt that have recently resurfaced include his alleged affair with Natalie Morales and his “love children” with different mistresses. But even beyond those renewed rumors, Lauer has faced accusations for years of misconduct, including that he “bullied” Ann out of her job, according to Fox News.

Viewers Never Forgave Matt Lauer For Bullying Ann Curry: Will His New Comeback Scheme Work?

Prior to Curry’s departure, Matt was seen indicating that he did not like Ann. When he tried to bid her farewell, Curry’s body language said more than any words.

“During her on-camera goodbye, Lauer attempted to kiss Curry on the cheek. She flinched, cringing away. The public widely blamed Lauer for bullying Curry out of her job.”

Despite the years that have passed, those accusations have not been forgotten by some viewers. With the new sexual misconduct allegations adding to the dislike that some continued to have over Matt’s alleged hostile behavior to Ann, can Lauer actually achieve a TV comeback at this point in his career?

Hollywood Life reported that Lauer had crafted a “devious” plot that involves his wife, with his goal reportedly to stage a TV comeback.

Matt Lauer Seeks To Save Marriage Only To Save TV Career?

As the Inquisitr reported, Matt reportedly is seeking to save his marriage to Annette Roque. But according to the sources quoted by Hollywood Life, Lauer is trying to mend his relationship with Roque as part of his allegedly “devious” plot to stage a TV comeback.

“Matt wants another job in television. He also realizes that reconciling with Annette would absolutely help him to land another gig.”

One of the insiders shared that Lauer is upset by his exit from the network because he obviously “never wanted to go out like this.” Matt’s reported plan is to get Roque to forgive him on the assumption that if TV viewers know that his wife forgave him, they will too.

“He thinks, ‘If Annette can forgive me, so can America,'” clarified the source.

At this point, Lauer and Roque reportedly have spent time together only to co-parent. Although she allegedly wants to keep their relationship on those terms, Matt reportedly is just as determined to save his career by saving his marriage. But viewers may not be as forgiving as Lauer hopes.

When the Wrap checked out Matt’s Q Score, he didn’t do well. In keeping with the latest ratings, Lauer isn’t particularly well-liked by viewers. His Q Score of 11 is six points below the norm for TV hosts. Even if his wife agrees to join him on TV to stage a “forgive and forget” press conference, some insiders believe that Matt’s alleged scheme for a full-fledged comeback will flop.