Salma Hayek Says Harvey Weinstein Forced Her To Do Sex Scene With Ashley Judd In ‘Frida,’ Threatened Death

Peter KramerGetty Images

Salma Hayek has revealed heinous actions she claims that Harvey Weinstein took against her, with the popular actress accusing Harvey of everything from sexual harassment to stalking to threatening to have her killed. According to the Daily Mail, Salma said that Weinstein went after her for years, even though Hayek continued to reject Harvey’s sexual advances. Harvey’s alleged demands of Hayek included requests for nude massages, fellatio, threesomes, and showers; stuff that Salma claims went on for about 10 years.

Hayek said that Harvey even forced her to perform naked in a lesbian sex scene with Ashley Judd for the 2002 film, Frida, which chronicled the real life of artist Frida Kahlo, whom Salma portrayed for the big screen. Harvey insisted that they add a sex scene for the movie to get released. It was a request that made Salma feel nauseated; one that gave her a nervous breakdown at the thought of Harvey finally forcing her out of her clothes after years of demands.

Salma’s essay, titled “For years, he was my monster,” published by the New York Times, is going viral. Hayek details a long list of harrowing situations, describing one time that Weinstein arrived at Salma’s hotel when she worked on a movie for a different studio.


Hayek had worked tirelessly to get the film about Kahlo made; a movie that would go on to win many accolades, in spite of audiences not knowing about the drama behind the scenes. Salma even claims that Weinstein once threatened her life when he allegedly said to Hayek, “I will kill you, don’t think I can’t.”

Salma called Harvey’s demands absurd, alleging that he would call the actress in the middle of the night and request that she fire her agent. Hayek said that Weinstein used physical force to drag her out of the opening celebration at the Venice Film Festival to attend a party with women Salma thought were models but later discovered were high-priced prostitutes.

Hayek had already fought back against Harvey casting a different actress in her role after she turned down Weinstein for sex.


Weinstein’s demands for a Hayek sex scene were coupled with other accusations from Harvey when he allegedly told Salma that she had no sex appeal and claimed no one would want to see her in the movie. Salma said she took a tranquilizer to calm her shaking because she knew the scene meant getting naked for Harvey and that thought gave her a nervous breakdown.