Magazine Publishes Image Of Donald Trump With His Arm Around The Accuser He Claims He Never Met

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Trouble never seems to be far from Donald Trump’s door. When President Trump made the decision to endorse alleged pedophile Roy Moore in the Alabam Senate race, he took a gamble. By endorsing Moore, Donald Trump took the risk that the allegations that he had sexually abused a string of women would reemerge, and predictably that is exactly what happened. Yesterday, President Trump renewed his war on the media and the Democrats.

Trump took to Twitter claiming that having failed to show that he had colluded with Russia the Democrats and the “fake news” were “moving on to the false allegations and fabricated stories of women I don’t know and/or have never met.

As reported by Newsweek, Trump’s claim backfired within hours as video and photographs of Trump with the accusers he claims never to have met emerged. People magazine published a picture of President Trump with his arm around reporter Natasha Stoynoff. The picture was taken at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in 2005. Natasha Stoynoff and a crew from People magazine visited Trump and his wife Melania for an interview and photoshoot.

Stoynoff claims that Trump attacked her during that visit. Stoynoff says that Trump showed her around the mansion and on entering a room he closed the door, pinned her against a wall and “forcing his tongue” down her throat.


Stoynoff isn’t the only accuser to release pictures of them with Donald Trump. As reported by the New York Times, Jill Harth, whose boyfriend was in business with Trump, claims that Trump put his hands up her skirt and grabbed her crotch. Harth has also released a picture, taken in 1992, that shows her with the president.

As reported by NBC News, former Miss USA contestant Temple Taggart is another Trump accuser who has provided photographic evidence that she has met Donald Trump. As CNN reports the list of Trump’s accusers includes contestants on his TV show The Apprentice, as well as contestants in his beauty pageants.

Donald Trump pictured with sexual assault accusers
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CNN also reports that White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, qualified the president’s remarks, saying that he was only referring to the women who reiterated their allegations against him earlier this week.


To date, at least six of Donald Trump’s accusers have provided photographic or video evidence that they spent time with him. That adds up to almost half of the women who claim that Trump sexually assaulted them and whom he claims he has never met. That statistic is pretty hard to dismiss as “fake news.”