‘Jami Cantor Photos’ Searches Spike As Former NFL Network Wardrobe Stylist Sues For Sexual Misconduct

Jami Cantor’s photos are going viral in the wake of the former wardrobe stylist accusing several men at the NFL Network of sexual misconduct. Jami’s lawsuit was filed on Monday, December 11. Twitter suggests “Jami Cantor pic” and “Jami Cantor picture” when searchers begin typing her name in their search engine, indicating a popular search term. Google also suggests “Jami Cantor picture” as a search term when typing her name, indicating a popular search term with their search engine.

According to Heavy, Jami L. Cantor has accused Eric Weinberger of sexual assault and claimed that he sent photos that were sexually explicit to Cantor, along with alleged explicit texts. Weinberger allegedly told Jami that she was placed on Earth to pleasure him. Jami says Eric allegedly pressed his crotch on her shoulder and requested that she touch his crotch.

Jami has also accused famous faces, including Marshall Faulk, Eric Davis, Warren Sapp, Donovan McNabb, Heath Evans and Ike Taylor of inappropriate actions at work. Cantor began working in 2006 at the NFL Network in Culver City but was let go after 10 years when Jami was accused of stealing clothes. As a wardrobe stylist, her job involved collecting clothes for the on-air talent to wear during the shows.

Jami claimed that Faulk asked her questions that were both “deeply personal and invasive” concerning her sex life many times. Such questions included queries about whether or not Cantor liked oral sex, her willingness to date African-American men, and other personal questions. Jami said that Faulk touched her breasts and her buttocks. Faulk even asked Cantor to come to his hotel room, claims the lawsuit, and demanded fellatio from Jami after pulling down his pants.

Evans is accused of propositioning Cantor for sex several times and allegedly sending naked photos of himself to Jami. The lawsuit claims that Evans said he “needed to get in (Cantor) deep and hard.”

Davis is accused of asking Jami for assistance with his clothes only to allegedly “grab and push/rub his body” against Cantor. Davis allegedly told Jami she looked like she would be an “animal” in bed and made comments about how erect he was at the moment. Davis texted Jami, she alleges, saying that her behind was “so luscious.” Cantor also claimed that Davis texted her saying he wanted to choke her from behind, with allegations that Davis grabbed her buttocks and between her legs at one point.

Donovan is also accused of asking inappropriate sexual questions, and Sapp is accused of urinating in front of Jami after coming into the bathroom where she was getting a wardrobe ready. Sapp is also accused of giving Jami sex toys for Christmas. Watts faces similar accusations of asking sexual questions of Cantor. Additional photos of Jami, who is suing for wrongful termination, can be seen via the above Heavy.com link.