WWE News: Jinder Mahal Gets Candid About Not Facing Lesnar, Past Mistakes, And Reaction From Fans

The rise of Jinder Mahal has been phenomenal ever since his return to the WWE. From being a jobber who was released from WWE to being the WWE Champion, fortunes have turned for the "Modern Day Maharaja." Jinder Mahal recently spoke to Wrestling Inc. ahead of his match against Triple H at the live event in New Delhi, India.

Jinder Mahal discussed various topics, including his recent lost opportunity of facing Brock Lesnar. He did accept that he only knew about it when they reached Manchester and that he was disappointed with the news. Jinder Mahal also added that he will ensure he has a match with Brock Lesnar in the future.

Jinder Mahal further added that he could either blame someone or take charge of the situation and make it happen. Such a positive statement makes fans wonder whether a match with Brock Lesnar is in the cards in the near future. Interestingly, Jinder Mahal did not reveal any further information about his possible match with the Beast Incarnate.

He also spoke about the "Don't Hinder Jinder" chants and the 3 MB days. Jinder Mahal said that he believed fans cheer for guys who they think are being held back like Zack Ryder and Dolph Ziggler. Mahal also admitted that the failure of 3 MB was their own fault, as they did not give their 100 percent.

Jinder Mahal on past mistakes with 3 MB and advice for fans

On a positive note, Jinder further added that getting released was one of the best things that happened to him, as he got the much-needed impetus.

He further added, "Every day, you have to wake up hungry. Every day, you have to put in the hard work. You can't just become complacent or lazy, or then the decline happens."

Jinder also spoke about his former 3 MB partners, Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre. He revealed that Drew was eager to prove that WWE made a mistake by releasing him. Mahal believes that each of them has changed since their 3 MB days. He also added that given the right opportunities, Slater would also shine.

Finally, he spoke about a few fans who get more involved with the WWE and start focusing on the results rather than the story that is being told. He further advised fans to sit back, relax, and enjoy WWE. Mahal admitted that telling stories has always been a part of WWE and that people buy tickets not for the moves or gymnastics, but for the stories.

Mahal also advised fans that they were entitled to their opinions, and with social media, they could voice them like never before. Fans can stick to their opinions and there was nothing wrong with it. While the rise of Jinder Mahal has been controversial and not openly accepted by everyone, his interview does suggest better things could be in store for him.