Trump 'Threatening To Fire' All White House Employees After 'New York Times' Article Leaks, Says 'WH Advisor'

President Donald Trump hit back against a New York Times article that pegged him as a man who watches up to eight hours of TV per day, waking around 5:30 a.m. to prop himself up on a pillow and tweet away, sucking down a dozen diet Coke drinks throughout the day, as reported by the Inquisitr. The New York Times article was titled "Trump's Way: Inside Trump's Hour-by-Hour Battle for Self-Preservation," and it has apparently struck a nerve in the White House, at least according to the below tweet from the popular "Rogue White House Senior Advisor" Twitter account, which purports to spill news directly from the West Wing.

As seen in the below tweet, the Twitter account claimed that Trump threatened to fire all White House employees after that New York Times article was published because Trump is allegedly "so tired of the leaks." The account goes on to claim that Trump "doesn't need staff anyway" because he can "do everything himself."

President Trump's latest tweets have railed against the media, as seen in the below tweet. In one tweet published on Monday, December 11, after plenty of other publications picked up on the revelations in the New York Times article, Trump called the publication a failing one that allegedly got it wrong when they reported the many hours that Trump spends watching TV each day.

Indeed, the article casts President Trump as a man who had a vision of running the White House like a producer staging a reality TV show. According to the viral piece, Trump instructed his top White House aides to imagine each day as a TV episode that sees Trump obliterating his enemies.
"Before taking office, Mr. Trump told top aides to think of each presidential day as an episode in a television show in which he vanquishes his rivals. Here, he called journalists back into the Roosevelt Room in January to hear a union leader praise him."
If the article really did set off the president as described by the rogue Twitter account, the piece might not be the "bad reporting" Trump has called it, but instead one that had leaked more truth from the West Wing than Trump is comfortable with the public knowing.
The article ends with a view of how Robert Mueller's investigation into Trump and his family could be having a huge impact on Trump's psyche and mood.
"In recent weeks, Mr. Trump's friends have noticed a different pitch, acknowledging that many aides and even his own relatives could be hurt by Mr. Mueller's investigation. As for himself, he has adopted a surprisingly fatalistic attitude, according to several people he speaks with regularly. 'It's life,' he said of the investigation. From there it is off to bed for what usually amounts to five or six hours of sleep. Then the television will be blaring again, he will reach for his iPhone and the battle will begin anew. In recent weeks, Mr. Trump's friends said, he has expressed fear about how many aides, even his own relatives, could be hurt by the investigation into Russian election meddling."