Trump National Cemetery? POTUS, Melania, Don, Vanessa Buy Grandview Estates Rogersville, Tennessee, Lot No. 40

President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, Don Jr. and Vanessa Trump have made a mysterious real estate purchase that has folks scratching their heads and trying to learn more about the deal online. According to WCYB, Philip Henard was the landowner in the Grandview Estates area of Hawkins County in Tennessee. Henard somehow got in touch with reps for President Trump to see if Trump wanted to add an acre of land to his real estate portfolio. Amazingly, the inkling that Philip had that Trump might be interested in his land proved true.

Before long, the Trump Organization's name - along with the names Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and Vanessa Trump - would appear on the deed of lot No. 40 in Rogersville. The lot is valued at $7,800 and located on Arrington Road.

The Rogersville Review noted that Hawkins County has new famous property owners as of Friday, December 8. However, the deal for Trump to purchase the land has been in process for approximately one year. Henard called it an exciting whirlwind that residents of the area hoped would attract more land buyers to Northeast Tennessee. Although Henard said he doesn't know what President Trump plans to do with the land, others are speculating that Trump could have eternal plans on his mind when it comes to his new land in Hawkins County.

According to WKRN, Trump has added to his real estate empire by buying land in a rural location, as seen on Google Maps.

According to the Rogersville, TN, website, the small town was settled in 1775, making it the second-oldest town in Tennessee.

Did Trump Just Buy A Cemetery?

In the comments section of Henard's Facebook post shown above, one person theorized that the seller wanted Trump to have water pipes created for the area.
"Did you hear why it was given to him? The owner wants the taxpayers to put water into the land so he can have water to the property he owns and his pipes he put in will not carry and are wrong size. Now the taxpayers will have to furnish. What a deal! Your ole friend. As they say 'nothing is free.' ha!"
On Reddit, another person who claims to live in the area noted that there is a cemetery on the lot bought by Trump.
"I live in the adjoining county. There is a Cemetery on this lot. I don't know if that has anything to do with him buying it."
If true, it would not be the first time that Trump has shown interest in buying or building a cemetery, as reported by the Washington Post. Trump had expressed interest in 2014 in what the publication called "an unusual real estate project" in rural New Jersey when Trump wanted to build a cemetery right on the site of the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster course. That would have been comprised of 10 plots near the first hole for Trump and his brood. There would have been a larger cemetery that held 284 lots that would have been sold to members of the public.

It isn't clear what will happen with those cemetery plans, especially since Trump announced in 2007 that he desired a mausoleum for himself in New Jersey, which he desired to be 19 feet tall. Therefore, it's not clear if Trump will follow through on his cemetery plans in New Jersey - and perhaps now create another Trump property in Tennessee.