Charles Barkley Is In Alabama Stumping For Roy Moore Opponent

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Alabama native Charles Barkley admits he doesn’t know a lot about Doug Jones, but he knows he’s a better choice than Roy Moore for the state of Alabama and for the country. Former NBA (and Auburn) star Charles Barkley no longer lives in Alabama, but he grew up in Leeds, and the state still means a great deal to him. So today Barkley headed back to Birmingham to lend his support. And as much as he is campaigning for Doug Jones, he is campaigning against Roy Moore, whose candidacy Barkley calls “unbelievable.”

Charles Barkley Says Roy Moore Has ‘Brainwashed’ People In Alabama

Charles Barkley says he believes the women who have accused Roy Moore, and says Moore has “brainwashed” the people of Alabama with all of his talk about God and religion, says Barkley says he doesn’t think of himself as a Democrat or a Republican, but a little of both, but he knows that Moore is bad for Alabama.

“This is unbelievable to me. You couldn’t make it up. If somebody sent you a script, with all he’s done and said, you wouldn’t believe he could still be in the race. All you have to do is talk about God and say you don’t like homosexuals… and abortion.”

Barkley says that his friends who know he is from Alabama have been calling him, saying “Really Charles? Really?”

“I’m embarrassed by it.”

And that is why he said he made his way back to Alabama to do what he can for Doug Jones and for his state, and to prevent people like Roy Moore and Steve Bannon from running his state.


Barkley Calls Roy Moore A ‘White Separatist’ Saying He’s Dividing Alabama

And Charles Barkley isn’t alone, as Alyssa Milano and Orange is the New Black‘s Uzo Aduba also came down to Alabama to support Doug Jones too. And Barkley believes that it’s time that Alabama put its best foot forward for America, says the Montgomery Advertiser.

“We’ve got to stop looking like idiots to the nation.”

Charles Barkley might not live in Alabama anymore, but if the crowd reaction is any indication, they still love him there. When speaking, Barkley joked that if he could buy a house in Alabama today and vote tomorrow for Doug Jones, he would.

Barkley calls Roy Moore a “white separatist,” and that his association with Steve Bannon should have disqualified Moore in the eyes of the voters, says The Hill. Charles Barkley’s appearance on behalf of Doug Jones will take place within a few hours of Steve Bannon’s rally for Roy Moore called “Drain the Swamp.”


Charles Barkley Doesn’t Believe Electing Roy Moore Is Right For Alabama

Charles Barkley explained that he is having a difficult time trying to think of something about Roy Moore that he could get behind. Barkley was offended by Moore’s anti-gay stance and was further puzzled when Moore said that America was last great at the time of slavery, reported Yahoo Sports.

Charles Barkley is planning on making appearances tonight on television in Alabama to further discuss his feelings about Roy Moore, and why he believes people need to get out tomorrow and vote for Doug Jones to send Roy Moore a message.