Trump ‘Tame’ On Twitter And ‘Beside Himself’ After John Kelly Allegedly Fires Staffer Who Smuggled In Phones

Joe RaedleGetty Images

President Donald Trump has been relatively calm on Twitter, with the latest drama tweeted about by Trump involving whether his recent Florida rally was actually “packed to the rafters” or not, as reported by the Inquisitr. Now, the same rogue White House senior advisor Twitter account that claimed Trump has 10 to 15 hidden phones around the West Wing that he uses to access Twitter has professed to provide a reason why the president hasn’t been necessarily tweeting like a madman as of late.

As seen in the below tweet from Sunday, December 10, the popular Twitter account claims that John Kelly fired the White House employee who was the one tasked with smuggling and hiding backup phones for Trump. As reported by Newsweek, it isn’t the first time that Trump has been at odds with Kelly. The publication noted that Trump has given secret jobs to White House employees and instructed those staffers to not tell the chief of staff. The demands were allegedly assigned to the people in Trump’s living quarters. The firing allegedly made Trump so angry that he was “beside himself,” but likely not for long. Another “phone boy” is expected to get a job beginning this week at the White House; therefore, Trump’s Twitter storms could soon resume.

Meanwhile, folks in the reply section of the above tweet are joking about Trump’s alleged hidden phones being “Obama phones,” or writing that Trump’s new phone boy’s official title should be “covfefe boy.” As seen in Trump’s most recent tweet, the president railed against the media and called journalists “out of control.”

Trump tweeted about “major lies” being written and withdrawn, with the “Fake News Media” dubbed “a stain on America” by the commander-in-chief. According to the Dallas Morning News, President Trump was playing a round of golf with Senator Lindsey Graham on Sunday. The two men talked about cutting taxes and national security needs at the Trump International Golf Club in Florida. The president’s motorcade left the Trump International Golf Club at 2:12 p.m., with the motorcade arriving at Mar-a-Lago resort at 2:24 p.m.

The White House pool reporter noted that there appeared to be a party underway and a “live auction” planned.