‘Please Share!’ Marquon Smith, 11, Didn’t Return Home After Basketball Practice: Cleveland Police Ask For Help

A missing child named Marquon Smith has prompted police and Smith’s teacher to turn to the public to ask for help in locating the 11-year-old boy. As reported by Fox8.com, Marquon went missing after he did not return home on Friday, December 8. Smith’s grandmother anticipated Marquon’s arrival home on Friday at approximately 5 p.m. after Smith was done with basketball practice. However, Marquon did not return home. Therefore, police in Cleveland are circulating the above photo and asking the public to call investigators at 216-621-1234 if they have any information about Marquon.

“**UPDATE: Marquon Smith has returned home safely, according to the Cleveland Division of Police.”

Not only are police requesting help from the public in finding Marquon, but others concerned about Smith’s safe return home are reaching out via Twitter and Facebook. As seen in the below photo from the Twitter account of “Katie,” a different photo of the missing 11-year-old boy is displayed. The description appears to be written by Smith’s 5th-grade teacher, who writes that Marquon was last spotted in the area of 93rd and Union. According to Google Maps, it is the area near Gaines Funeral Home and not far from Carol McClendon Park.

Marquon was wearing an orange coat and gray Jordan shoes, along with carrying a black backpack. Smith’s teacher begged Twitter users to please share the below photo of Marquon.

With the weather in Cleveland turning frigid, concern for Marquon’s safety has grown. Some of the latest updates about Marquon can be seen via a Twitter search for the name “Marquon Smith” on Twitter, with users starting to circulate photos of the young boy in hopes of Smith being found safe and returned home soon.

On Instagram, the hashtag #MarquonSmith does not as of this writing reflect any posts using that label, however, there exists an Instagram account with part of the name “Marquon Smith” and the No. 10 following the name that contains two posts as of this writing.


One photo shows an image of a woman with a caption that reads how much he loves his mother, with the first photo showing a pair of Jordan Jumpman Shoes and the Instagram user’s desire to gain those shoes. It is not clear if this is the same missing Marquon, but the profile photo shows a young boy wearing a No. 23 Chicago Bulls tank top that appears to be the same young man.

Update: The Instagram account appears to show the same India Smith who posted photos asking her Facebook followers for help in finding her son, as seen above.