Juliet Huddy Pictures: Former Fox News Anchor Gains Viral Fame After Claiming Donald Trump Tried To Kiss Her

The former anchor's pictures and videos spread across social media after her allegations against Trump.

The former anchor's pictures and videos spread across social media after her allegations against Trump.

Juliet Huddy is getting some viral attention after her allegation that Donald Trump forcefully tried to kiss her, with the former Fox News anchor shooting to the top of social media trends and pictures of her spreading around platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Huddy described a moment in 2005 — just shortly after Donald married his third and current wife, Melania — that Trump took her to lunch at his Trump Tower and then tried to lay a kiss on her in the elevator. Huddy noted that she didn’t see it as a big deal at the time, and apparently still doesn’t.

“He said goodbye to me in an elevator while his security guy was there, rather than kiss me on the cheek he leaned in to kiss me on the lips. I wasn’t offended, I was kind of like, ‘Oh my god,'” she said this week (via the New York Post’s Page Six).

Huddy said she was “surprised” that Trump went for her lips, but did not feel threatened, noting that it was a “weird” moment and apparently a one-off. Trump never tried another move like that again, she noted.

In the wake of her allegations, the former Fox News anchor has gone viral online. Because she was not a well-known name before the allegation, many people took to the internet to find pictures of Juliet Huddy in an attempt to jog their memories. Others noted that Huddy — who was young, pretty, and blonde — fit the profile of the 16 other women who alleged Trump of sexual misconduct.

While other men embroiled in sexual harassment scandals have resigned their positions, Donald Trump continues to deny all the allegations against him. He has not yet spoken out specifically on Juliet Huddy’s claims.

This was not the first time that Juliet Huddy gained viral fame for her allegation against a powerful man. Earlier this year, she spoke out against sexual harassment she claimed against fellow Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly. Video of Huddy opening up on those allegations also went viral this week in the wake of her comments on Trump.

While Juliet Huddy may have tried to downplay the elevator kiss attempt from Donald Trump, the former Fox News anchor continues to find viral fame. Her name remained atop social media searches the day after her allegation went viral, and pictures of Huddy continue to make their way across Twitter and Facebook.