New York Yankees Trade Rumors: Giancarlo Stanton Trade Negotiations Progressing

The New York Yankees want to team up Giancarlo Stanton with Aaron Judge.

The New York Yankees want to team up Giancarlo Stanton with Aaron Judge.

New York Yankees trade rumors suddenly suggest that negotiations for MVP Giancarlo Stanton are progressing. A Yankees trade for Stanton would present a lineup with two of the best home run hitters in baseball, with Aaron Judge possibly receiving a lot of protection in the batting order. A report by MLB analyst Jeff Passon just revealed that several sources have confirmed that the Yankees and Marlins are involved in trade talks.

Passon goes on to state that the momentum for the Yankees to acquire Stanton “is significant.” This is huge news in regard to the most popular MLB trade rumors of the offseason. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Giancarlo Stanton just revealed the list of four teams that he is willing to waive his no-trade clause to play for during the 2018 MLB season. Those teams are the Yankees, Chicago Cubs, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Houston Astros. This is despite the Miami Marlins trying to complete deals with the St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants.

The information from Jeff Passon is a bit conflicting because he says that he has one source stating that progress is taking place in trade negotiations with the Yankees, while another source has said that “nothing is done.” All of his sources are stating that the talks are moving forward, though, suggesting that it’s just a matter of time until something takes place. This is shocking news, as these New York Yankees trade rumors just surfaced and it almost seemed like overkill to have a lineup with both Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge.

If these New York Yankees trade rumors turn out to be true, it’s unclear what the franchise is willing to give up to acquire the National League MVP. The Yankees have never been shy about paying for large contracts, so it wouldn’t be impossible for the team to absorb the $295 million that Giancarlo Stanton is still owed. Will the team be willing to give up several of its top prospects to acquire a power hitter who is just reaching his peak years in Major League Baseball? Starlin Castro is a name that has been linked to the negotiations as well.

In 159 games last season, Stanton had 59 home runs, 132 RBIs, 123 runs scored, a 0.281 batting average, and a league-leading 0.631 slugging percentage. Putting him in a lineup that includes Aaron Judge could make it the best combination of power hitters since the Yankees had Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris patrolling the outfield. With the New York Yankees holding a lot of leverage and Giancarlo Stanton demanding to go to a team like the Yankees, could they get a discount in a Miami Marlins trade?