Former Fox News Anchor Says Trump Tried To Kiss Her On The Lips At Trump Tower: 'It Was A Weird Moment'

Bill O'Reilly accuser and former Fox News host Juliet Huddy came out to the press yet again to issue another claim, and this one happens to be about President Donald Trump.

Huddy said the incident happened in a Trump Tower elevator either in "2005 or 2006." She said the act was not as surprising but this did not threaten her.

According to Page Six, Trump even guested on one of Fox News' shows to comment on her. During the president's interview, he said that he would "hit" on Huddy, but "she blew me off."

Huddy, who now hosts the radio show Morning!!! With Bill Schulz, said Trump invited her for lunch, but it was just the two of them. When they got into the elevator, there was also a security guard present. She was expecting Trump to kiss her just on the cheek, but he "leaned in to kiss me on the lips."

The event was not offensive for her, Huddy said. However, it was a big surprise for her.

Huddy said she did not think the meeting would go the other way. She thought at the time that it could be because she might be getting invited to join Trump's show, The Apprentice.

The 48-year-old host said that she now realizes the implications of Trump's actions back then, according to The Hill. When that event happened, she admitted that she was younger and it all just came in as a shock. As for the explanations she told herself, she said she even thought that maybe Trump didn't mean to do it, but that would be her making excuses for the man's behavior.

As the years passed by, the two met many times and she said Trump has been "nice." However, when the issue about Bill O'Reilly came out, Huddy, one of O'Reilly's accusers, was disappointed about Trump's reaction and defense for the veteran host. Huddy remembers Trump as one of the people who did not believe her allegations.

Juliet Huddy is just one of the many women since 2016 who have come out and claimed they have been harassed by the president. However, the White House claims that these women were simply lying. So far, Trump's representative and the White House have no comment about this latest claim.