Is Rihanna Engaged To Hassan Jameel? Singer Sparks Rumors After Being Spotted With Giant Diamond Ring

Singer has been dating the Saudi businessman for several weeks.

Singer has been dating the Saudi businessman for several weeks.

Rihanna may be engaged to boyfriend Hassan Jameel, with rumors spreading after the singer was spotted sporting a giant diamond ring.

The singer attended Chris Rock’s show this week at Madison Square Garden, and was seen with what People described as a “ginormous” champagne-colored center cut stone on her ring finger. Rihanna was spotted alone at the show, though she and the Saudi Arabian businessman have been spending quite a bit of time together. Sources spotted Rihanna and Jameel together going bowling in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with witnesses saying the two looked very much like a couple.

This is not the first time that Rihanna has been surrounded by engagement rumors. The singer seems to have a knack for showing off big diamond rings in public, like she did in September 2016 when she was spotted with a rock on her finger at an appearance in New York. As the Sun reported at the time, the appearance sparked rumors that Rihanna and rapper Drake may have gotten engaged, but that never came to be.

Rihanna appeared to be doing her best to fuel the engagement rumors this week. After her appearance, the singer posted a picture of her outfit on Instagram and showed off the giant diamond ring prominently. That prompted many fans to question if the singer was planning to walk down the aisle with her new boyfriend, though Rihanna has not commented on the rumors.

While he may not be a household name like the internationally renowned singer, Jameel has quite a huge stature in his own world. His family owns Abdul Latif Jameel, a massive organization that owns the rights to sell Toyota vehicles across the Middle East, People noted.

Rihanna is as tight-lipped about her relationship as she is about the rumored engagement. The “Diamonds” singer has not officially confirmed that she and Jameel are dating, though they have been spotted together a number of times.

While Rihanna and Hassan Jameel may be moving ahead quickly in their relationship, it appears they are not engaged just yet. A source told People magazine that Rihanna’s giant ring this week is not linked to an engagement.