Terrell Owens Breaks Silence On Quitting ‘The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars,’ Throws Major Shade At MTV

The former wide receiver wasn't shy about mocking MTV and blamed editing for how he was portrayed.

The former wide receiver wasn't shy about mocking MTV and blamed editing for how he was portrayed.

As the Inquisitr reported Tuesday, former wide receiver Terrell Owens notoriously walked out on The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars after getting into a fight with veteran Chris “CT” Tamburello. The spin-off of the popular Challenge franchise earns competitors money for charity, as opposed to winning the money themselves.

T.O. was a member of the Stars team alongside Shawn Johnson, Josh Murray, Riff Raff, Romeo Miller, Justina Valentine, Ariane Andrew, Kim Glass, Michelle Waterson, and Matt Rife. The team of newbies hasn’t been able to beat the Champs team yet in the first three episodes. During a deliberation meeting on Tuesday, it was announced T.O. had exited the show off camera and would not be returning.

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant had stayed noticeably silent on social media since the episode aired, despite other contestants speaking out on the matter. T.O. broke his silence this afternoon and is still spiteful over what went down on set.

Terrell responded to a thread where Twitter users were discussing his absence from the NFL Hall of Fame. One user pointed out he left a charitable show because he’s “weak minded.” It seemed like the comment spurred something in T.O., who commented back that people should not believe what they saw on MTV.

“Bro, trust me don’t believe how that MTV show looked. They edited it that’s why I haven’t responded.”

T.O. mocked CT after the Challenge veteran expressed concern over losing team members over non-game related events. Terrell pretended to have tears running down his face while CT was talking and the opponents got into a very heated verbal argument. Many fans believed T.O. was being insensitive to the fact that Champs team member Ashley Mitchell was struggling with possibly losing her father, which he seemed to correct on Twitter today.

“I’m not heartless to pick at someone’s family member in the hospital. If u or anyone thinks that then u don’t know who I am.”

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After defending himself, he tweeted again bragging that he had received another offer doubling the money MTV had given him for appearing on the show. According to T.O., MTV gave him $10,000, which he dubbed as “lousy.” He threw shade at the network by putting quotes around the word charitable when he described the show.

Challenge icon Johnny Bananas trolled his former competitor by asking his followers to wish T.O. a happy birthday today since the footballer had blocked him on social media. A few fans followed through with the request, but Terrell has yet to respond.

The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars airs every Tuesday night on MTV at 9 p.m. EST.