‘Little People, Big World’ Update: Amy Roloff Shops Christmas Gifts For Grandkids

Amy RoloffInstagram

Amy Roloff just got into the Christmas spirit by doing what an excited grandma does — going shopping for her grandkids! The Little People, Big World matriarch took to social media to share her exciting kiddie haul.

On her Instagram account, Amy posted a selfie while she was at a toy shop. The 53-year-old looks giddy while picking out gifts for her grandbabies. Clearly, the LPBW star is loving his new role as a grandma!

“I’m having a blast shopping for a few gifts for my grandkids’ first Christmas,” Amy Roloff beamed.

This year, Amy officially became a grandmother when her daughters-in-law Tori and Audrey both gave birth to their firstborns. Zach and Tori’s baby Jackson was born in May, while Jeremy and Audrey’s baby Ember followed in September.

Jackson and Ember are the new stars of the Little People, Big World family and everyone can’t stop swooning over them! Jackson, who is turning seven months this week, has been consistently serving up major cuteness with his new antics. He recently helped promote his grandpa Matt Roloff’s new children’s book, Little Lucy, Big Race.

Meanwhile, 2-month-old Ember is quickly becoming a little fashionista with her charming outfits. She is now the face of her mom Audrey Roloff’s clothing line, Always More.

The two cousins just experienced their first pumpkin season at the Roloff Farms, which is a big deal for the LPBW family. As fans of the show know, Matt and Amy Roloff established their family years ago by buying a 34-acre farm which they later extended and turned into a highly profitable pumpkin patch.

Jackson and Ember also spent their first Thanksgiving with their grandma Amy while Matt Roloff was away on a vacation. Now, they will be experiencing their first Christmas with her as well.

Truly, many good things have happened to the Roloff family this year. Aside from the birth of their first two grandchildren, Matt and Amy’s daughter Molly also got married at the farm in August. Also, their youngest son Jacob, who has previously quit appearing on Little People, Big World, has been spending more time with the family recently.

Because of their family’s many blessings, Amy Roloff is also being reflective and grateful this season. Aside from gifts for baby Jackson and Ember, she made sure to buy a few for other children and inspired her fans to do the same.

And buying a few more to donate so other kids can have a little Christmas too! Love this time of year- need to carry the love kindness and generosity all year long!

Little People, Big World is expected to air a new season on TLC next year.