NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Signs Contract Extension Despite Jerry Jones Trying To Derail It

Lisa LakeGetty Images

The future of Roger Goodell as the NFL commissioner has been up in the air recently, as Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was thought to be derailing the process. However, Pro Football Talk has confirmed that Goodell has signed a contract extension that was approved by the NFL’s compensation committee.

According to the Los Angeles Times, there have been weeks of speculation on whether or not Jerry Jones would try and derail the process of extending Goodell’s contract. Jones has been angry about the suspension of running back Ezekiel Elliott, but it looks like those feelings were put aside when it came to the contract extension.

Pro Football Talk did confirm the news of the contract extension and it was confirmed in a memo sent to the clubs by the NFL’s compensation committee. According to Sports Illustrated, there was a “nearly unanimous consensus” among the league’s owners to finalize the extension for Roger Goodell now. In the memo, the committee expressed their desire to move forward from this and work together.

We are pleased to have resolved this issue and we appreciate the strong support received from our partners. It was particularly gratifying to hear so many owners commit to being more engaged in League affairs and to express the desire to work more closely with the Commissioner and League Staff members on matters critical to the League. We know that we speak for all of you, as well as for the Commissioner, in saying that the NFL is strongest when our ownership is active and unified.”

Goodell’s contract became a hot-button issue last month, as Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones threatened to sue the NFL if the committee approved an extension. Since those initial threats, Jones did back down on suing the league. He said he would not sue the league, but he wanted all of the league’s owners to have a vote in the process.

Arthur Blank, the owner of the Atlanta Falcons and head of the NFL’s compensation committee, said that the 32 league owners unanimously gave the committee the authority to negotiate Goodell’s contract with a resolution in May. Blank signed the new Goodell contract “on behalf of the League’s entities.”

This has been an interesting season for the NFL, as they have faced some backlash from the outside world, including Donald Trump, for players that are not standing during the national anthem. While Trump is tweeting about how the NFL is going downhill, the league, owners, and players are meeting to discuss these social issues and try to come up with a resolution.

After the summit, Goodell said, “We believe doing the right thing is what you ultimately have to do.” More meetings will be held on these issues and with this update, Roger Goodell will be heading them up as NFL commissioner.