‘Clerks 3’ Marks Kevin Smith’s Final Theatrical Film

Kevin Smith — who, from a technical standpoint, has always been more of a screenwriter than he ever was a director — has decided that his next film will be his last. Recently, Smith announced that Clerks 3 will mark the final installment to his groundbreaking indie series as well as his final bow in the film industry.

During an interview with Good Day L.A., which is a local morning show, Smith spoke about his success turn to internet radio. On the show, Kevin went on explaining the origins of his Smodcast, a podcast network that he hosts regularly with Jason Mewes and other View Askew pals. In the past, Smith said that he vows to leave the film world but then turned out another film. His last film to date is Red State, a film that was only released through the indie world’s best platform VOD (video on demand.)

In the last few years, Smith has went on to say his current film is his last film. Kevin had said that his last film, which was supposed to be Hit Somebody, a hockey film, hasn’t exactly come to fruition. Instead Kevin Smith said that it’s going to be a mini series.

On the morning show Smith said:

“I said I will do Clerks 3 by 2014. 2014 is the 20th anniversary and we’re going to mark it somehow. God willing, if we can get Jeff Anderson to come back.”

Last year Smith sat down during a panel and discussed how podcasting saved his career as well as his disenfranchisement with film:

“The ultimate freedom that allowed me to walk away from the ‘heroin’ [money] of the movie business — what gave me the strength to walk away — was [expletive] podcasting.”

Do you think, if and when Smith makes Clerks 3, that it will be his very last film? Sound off here!