Larry Caputo's Dad Speaks Out About Reason that Larry, Theresa Split

It was recently revealed that Long Island Medium stars Theresa and Larry Caputo recently split. Radar Online shared the news that Larry's dad is speaking out about the reason that these two ended up calling it quits. This is after 28 years together and everyone was shocked to hear they were calling it quits.

Larry's dad Jack is talking and he was actually shocked by their split just like the fans were. He hinted that distance could have been the reason that it all fell apart. Theresa actually is out on the road a lot with her show and doing readings for people. She goes on tour and does very shows around to talk to people and reconnect them to their loved ones who have passed away.

Jack shared his thoughts and said, "They have two kids. Who cares if she is away a lot. She has to be away — that's fine. Then they can be together when she's not away for her job." It really sounds like he doesn't understand the two calling it quits and maybe thinks that they could have worked through it all. He did say that he loves both of them and actually hopes they will work it out. So far, Larry and Theresa Caputo haven't filed for divorce, so there is still a chance that they will find their way back to each other.

He went on to explain that they could still be together when Theresa is around and just not be around each other when they can't. He is totally shocked. Larry's mother also seems surprised by the news. She called it "horrible" and said that she is sad about it. Right now, it sounds like Larry and Theresa Caputo are done and moving on from each other. This couple has been together a really long time and the fans are surprised to hear this news.

Right now, it looks like Theresa and Larry Caputo are totally over. The fans are going to have to wait and see if they try to work it out or if Larry is still around on the show when a new season of Long Island Medium comes to TLC. Right now, TLC hasn't shared when the show will return with new episodes.