Ivanka Trump Slammed For Photo She Posts Of Her Kids Playing 'Peek-A-Boo' Under Her Dress

Ivanka Trump is being criticized for a photo she posted on social media Tuesday evening of her wearing a floor-length gown with her children playing "peek-a-boo" underneath it. The image showed the first daughter spending some play time with her kids before an outing, but many on social media are more stunned by where the kids were hiding than the goddess-like gown she was wearing.

One photo was posted on Instagram of Ivanka Trump's one-year-old son, Theodore, on the floor peeking out of the front high slit of her red gown. A second photo on Twitter showed six-year-old Arabella sitting behind Theodore underneath the dress as well. Joseph, four, was also playing the game with his siblings and mother. The first daughter and special assistant to President Donald Trump captioned both images "Peak-a-boo!"

The body-hugging ball gown made Ivanka look like a goddess with its draped sleeves and rich red color. It wasn't revealed where the 36-year-old mother was heading or if she was joining her husband, Jared Kushner, for a political event.

Many were stunned that Ivanka Trump actually thought it was normal play for her kids to be sitting between her legs under her dress playing a game of "peek-a-boo."

"Gross. And it's peek," one user wrote.

"Why do you think this is appropriate?" another commented.

"OMG, say you didn't do this with your kids?" someone chimed in.

"Are you seriously so utterly tone deaf than to post a picture of boys looking up your dress?" one more remarked.

The criticism continued about Ivanka Trump thinking it was fine for her kids to play under her dress. Her spelling of "peak" in "peek-a-boo" didn't go over well either. Several called out the misspelling and ripped Ivanka for her mistake; especially since she's highly educated.

There were the usual comments from people attacking the Trump presidency and skewering Ivanka for not having more influence over her father.

On the flip side, some thought the image was cute and showed Ivanka Trump as being a fun-loving mother. Everyone seemed to be having fun and enjoying themselves in the lavish living room of the family's Washington, D.C. home.

As previous reports have claimed, President Trump is aware that his daughter is attacked on social media and in the press. Vanity Fair recently reported that the president had urged the couple to return to New York, but Jared Kushner told the Washington Post that he and his wife intend to stay right where they are.