Fredrik Eklund Returns To Work: What People Are Saying About His Decision Is Surprising

Fredrik Eklund announced that his twins had arrived last week and he took a few days off to spend with them in the hospital. Based on his Instagram posts, it truly looked like he enjoyed fatherhood and he was beaming with joy and pride that his twins had finally arrived. But this week, just a few days after the birth of the twins, Fredrik announced that he was back at work. He listed a long list of sales and closed deals and it sounds like he isn’t planning on taking any paternity leave with the babies when they are young.

If this had been another celebrity, chances are that the Instagram feed would be packed with mom-shaming comments. But surprisingly, many of Eklund’s fans support his return to work. Of course, he could be filming Million Dollar Listing New York, which is why he needs to return to work. The few people who don’t agree with his decision have managed to tell him in a positive manner, reminding him that this time won’t be coming back. According to a new Instagram post, Fredrik Eklund is getting some honest advice from his followers about not spending so much time on work. It’s more important to spend that time at home with his new babies.

“Don’t work too much Fredrik! Find a balance the babies will grow up so quick,” one person wrote to Eklund, while another added, “Your children won’t care about sales records or how much money you’ve made…All they want is your time. These first few weeks and months will pass so quickly and you will never get it back. Slow down and focus on the ‘new purpose’.”

One person was downright confused with his decision, writing, “Hmm, In the episodes of Million Dollar Listing it always seemed like that having kids was more your dream then Derek’s. But now he is the one staying at home? Having babies have been something you’ve wanted for such a long time.”

It’s possible that Fredrik Eklund is planning a more extensive leave with his twins in the spring. It’s possible that he just wanted to wrap up 2017 with his team before taking some time off. Fredrik has been so excited about having these children that fans are confused as to why he’s not taking much time off to be with them. As many new parents know, the newborn stage goes by quick and it is an intimate time between parent and baby. Plus, during a previous episode of Million Dollar Listing New York, Derek Kaplan had revealed that he was concerned about becoming a stay-at-home father while Fredrik worked. Hopefully, he will take some time off and enjoy the babies while they are small. Soon, they will grow up and he may regret not taking the time when they were babies.

Fredrik Eklund may be filming the newest season of Million Dollar Listing: New York. He’s also returning to Bravo soon in a spin-off show with Bethenny Frankel.

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