Duggar Family Criticized For What Jinger Duggar Wore As Baby, 'Counting On' Fans Want Josh Duggar Update

Michelle Duggar, the matriarch of the Duggar family, has been a long believer and enforcer of "modest dress." Her kids, especially daughters like Jill, Jessa, and Jinger Duggar, are not only expected to cover up most of their bodies, but also dress in a feminine way. The most recent throwback baby picture that the family posted on Facebook revealed that Michelle enforced this dress code from when her kids were very young, even during the toughest of seasons.

The Duggars have talked about what dressing modestly means for them. They have explained their need "to be covered from our neck to below our knees" by saying that exposing any more than that would lead to "nakedness and shame." In particular, covering "the thighs and torso" is paramount to the Duggar girls, who do not "want to play peekaboo so that there's a visual element that might defraud someone," according to a TLC blog post written by Michelle Duggar.

From when they are babies, the Duggar girls are taught to dress in a way that is both modest and feminine, whether they are swimming, engaged in doing something active or going to church. Counting On fans saw how Michelle executed this rule in the latest throwback photo she posted on Facebook.


However, this baby picture brought about criticisms about how inadequately Jinger Duggar was dressed for the cold.

"Something wrong with this [picture]," a fan commented. "He is dressed for winter and she has no mittens no hat no gloves. Looks like she has very thin leg covers and a dress on that doesn't look too good."

One of the reasons that Jinger is not wearing pants is because, according to the dress code, the girls are taught to be feminine by wearing dresses and skirts, only layering leggings underneath to preserve modesty.

Other fans thought that it was not such a big deal that Jinger was underdressed for the weather, saying that some kids refuse "to wear gloves" and that this is just "a picture of happy kids having fun," and not suffering in cold weather.

Jinger Duggar has come a long way since this picture. Now that she is married to Jeremy Vuolo, she freely wears pants.

Seeing the Duggar kids as babies always seem to get Counting On fans clamoring for updates from other members of the family. Most wanted to see more of Jim Bob and Michelle's grandchildren. Some, in particular, wanted to hear how Josh Duggar, who has been banned from appearing in the family's reality TV shows, and his newborn are doing.

"It would be great to get an update on Joseph & Kendra," a fan wrote. "And maybe a recent picture of Mason?"

The last time that Counting On fans saw Josh Duggar was in the family Thanksgiving portrait. He and his wife, Anna Duggar, were positioned right in the center of the picture.