Hillary Clinton As Angel Tree Topper -- Zingers Galore Slam Hillary The Winged Creature Of 'Resistmas'

The image of Hillary Clinton donned in a white power suit with her perfectly groomed wings of an angel taking the prominent position on top of your Christmas tree is not everyone's idea of joy. Hillary the angel is done up in porcelain-like material and it has liberals in the media gushing over this "Resistmas" tree topper. While Hillary fans are ordering their ode to Hillary to plop on top of their trees, others online are having a field day with Hillary Clinton the porcelain angel glaring down on you from the tree top.

Hillary Clinton in the form of a Christmas angel for a tree topper came into this world as the brainchild of a U.K. company. This company is creating symbols of hope for this holiday season with Hillary leading the pack. People actually got to vote on who would grace their Symbols Of Hope collection for this non-profit company, which is named Women to Look Up To, according to PopSugar.

Hillary Clinton, Beyonce, and Serena Williams won that vote and were made into these 3D toppers for the Christmas tree. In Hillary's case, the angel topper is called a "Resistmas" tree topper. You can plunk Hillary Clinton on the top of your tree with her porcelain wings for the prices quoted online that range from $108 to $945, depending on the size of your tree, reports Konbini.

The other ladies in this collection are priced about the same as the former presidential candidate. These toppers are made to order and the company also does custom angels if you have someone in mind.

You don't have to plop Hillary, Beyonce, or Serena Williams on your treetop as your only angel options this year. You can nestle Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, your aunt, an in-law, or anyone else your heart desires among the pine needles of your tree, as they do angels made to order.

Hillary Clinton is being called the "first lady of Christmas tree decorations" online today. Fox & Friends did a segment on Hillary's "Resistmas" angel on their Wednesday morning show. People online are tossing out all types of comic quips over this Hillary the angel. One person commenting online suggested that now you will know how Bill Clinton feels having Hillary glare down at you.

Some of the Twitter comments regarding the Hillary angel are seen below.:

"For those living in a psychologically impaired reality, the @HillaryClinton #angel tree topper."

"Hillary Clinton does not need o be on anyone's tree as an angel She is the devil in carnet."

"The Hillary Clinton Christmas tree Angel. Guaranteed to smell like pee and cabbage."

"Just like the real Hillary it's overpriced, entirely artificial, smells of eggnog, and can't quite reach the ceiling. Available where her book '50 Shades of Blame' is sold."