Mark Hamill Was Told Terminally Ill Boy Wanted To Meet Luke Skywalker, So He Spent Hours With Him In Character

Mark Hamill has played Luke Skywalker on the big screen for four Star Wars movies, but one terminally ill young boy got to see someone no one else ever would --- his own private performance from the Star Wars actor.

The meeting happened more than a decade ago, but it came to light this week when screenwriter Ed Solomon shared his account of it on Twitter. Solomon said he was approached by a family friend whose young son was dying from a terminal illness. The young boy was an avid Star Wars fan and wanted nothing more than to meet the real Luke Skywalker (as Solomon explained, the boy's mental state could no longer distinguish Luke Skywalker as a fictional character).Solomon said he never knew Mark Hamill, but did have a line for his agent. So Solomon called and told the agent the story, and the agent said he would check with Mark but told Solomon not to get his hopes up.It took Mark Hamill all of 90 seconds to call back.

As Solomon explained, Hamill not only met with the boy for hours, he did it as Luke Skywalker the entire time. He answered all of the boy's questions, even when the boy asked the same question three times in a row.

Solomon's story went viral on Monday, and he and the boy's father, Joe Sikorra, later shared more about the touching visit in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

"Mark was just super patient and kind," Sikorra told the outlet."It was one of those beautiful experiences. It is very humbling, this disease. You have got to let go of your normal expectations for you and your kids and family. In the midst of struggle and tragedy, it was those points of connection that makes you feel loved and less isolated. Mark was very kind, 'no rush, my time is your time."

The boy had one more request --- to meet Princess Leia. So Hamill called Carrie Fisher and asked if she would meet with the young boy as well. She agreed, but the boy's condition quickly worsened and the meeting never happened.

Solomon said he was prompted to share his account after seeing so many negative stories come out of Hollywood, showing that there were still celebrities with big hearts.

The story touched Star Wars fans, many of whom reached out to Mark Hamill to show their appreciation. As Entertainment Weekly noted, Star Wars actor replied that it was his privilege to get to help fans in their lowest moments.

"There's no sweeter sound than a child laughing," Mark Hamill wrote on Twitter (via Entertainment Weekly).

"I've been so lucky – feel it's my duty 2 give back in any way I can – Much prefer visits 2 hospitals than talk-shows. Heartbreaking but inspirational – makes my career seem trivial in comparison – Wish I could do more."