Chrissy Teigen Joining Kim Zolciak And Kenya Moore At The ‘RHOA’ Reunion?

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Is Chrissy Teigen actually joining Kim Zolciak and Kenya Moore at the upcoming The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 reunion show filming to share her thoughts on all of the drama that has happened between the two wives over some John Legend tickets? That may be a possibility. On Tuesday afternoon, model and cookbook author Chrissy, who has been married to the singer since 2013, sent a tweet to Kim asking if she could be at the reunion.

It all started when Kim responded to a viewer who expressed shock that Kim actually sent a tweet to Chrissy earlier this year asking who her oldest daughter, Brielle Biermann, had “to blow” in order to get some tickets to one of her husband’s concerts. Kim defended herself by saying that it was “all in good fun” and pointed out that she has her own show because of her sense of humor.

Chrissy then chimed in, asking if all of the drama that has surrounded the tweet means that she gets to be at the reunion.

Kim seemed excited at the prospect of Chrissy joining her and the other housewives at the reunion show.

Chrissy Teigen’s tweet to Kim Zolciak about joining the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show garnered a lot of excited tweets from viewers. People told Chrissy to do it. Some people even included Real Housewives executive producer Andy Cohen into the Twitter conversation, telling him to make Chrissy’s presence at the reunion show a reality.

Andy himself is likely excited about the prospect of Chrissy, a devout Real Housewives viewer, joining the Atlanta housewives at the reunion show filming. On Sunday night, during Kenya Moore’s appearance on his talk show Watch What Happens Live, Andy commented that he’s just waiting for Chrissy to send a tweet regarding the fight that happened between Kim and Kenya after Kenya brought up Kim’s Brielle “blow” tweet.

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On the most recent The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode, viewers saw the continuation of Kim and Kenya’s argument at NeNe Leakes’ Girls and Gays party after Kim repeatedly said that Kenya’s marriage and husband was fake. Kenya yelled that Kim should stop concentrating on her and instead focus on how she tried to pimp out her daughter for some John Legend tickets. Viewers were shown a snapshot of the text that Kim sent Chrissy Teigen in May and Chrissy’s response, which joked that her husband’s concerts weren’t good enough to demand oral sex and that she’ll have Brielle meet John without any oral required. Upon hearing her daughter’s name, Kim tried to physically attack Kenya and threw a wine glass towards her.

Kim Zolciak and Kenya Moore have feuded for a while now. Last season on Real Housewives, Kim’s sole appearance involved her and Kenya trading insults, with Kim proclaiming that Kenya wants everything that she has but can’t get, during Sheree Whitfield’s housewarming party. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kenya, after Season 9 ended, even said during a radio interview in May that Kim has “aged like sour milk.”