‘Alaskan Bush People’ Christmas Special 2017 Premiere Date Confirmed, Fans Expect Cancer Update On Ami Brown

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Alaskan Bush People fans have been anxiously waiting for the Brown family to return to the small screen since the Season 7 finale episode aired back in August. The wait is almost over as the Discovery Channel has confirmed the premiere date for the upcoming 2017 Christmas special episode. This year’s Christmas special won’t be the first Christmas special the Browns have starred in over the last seven seasons, but fans are hoping for a much-anticipated cancer update on Brown family matriarch Ami Brown in just a few days.

Ami Brown was diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer coming up on a year ago, and Alaskan Bush People fans have only really received a couple of official updates on how she’s been doing since undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatment. Rain Brown, 15, confirmed back in October on Instagram that mom Ami had started her second round of chemotherapy. However, rumors started circulating online shortly after that saying that Ami Brown had joined the Brown family in Colorado for the filming of the newest Christmas special.

After filming of the 2017 Alaskan Bush People Christmas special, Ami Brown reportedly returned to Los Angeles to resume her chemotherapy treatment, according to the Hollywood Gossip. The Inquisitr previously reported that Ami Brown was “very ill” from the side effects of her second round of chemotherapy, and fans of the Brown family’s reality TV series constantly ask for updates on the health of Ami Brown via visitor posts on the official Alaskan Bush People Facebook page. However, the page has not been officially updated with news on the show since August, when the last season aired on the Discovery Channel.

The Inquisitr previously shared rumors nearly a month ago of a possible upcoming Alaskan Bush People Christmas special, which was reportedly filmed when the Brown family visited the new location of Browntown in Colorado at the end of October. The Brown family wasn’t in Colorado for very long, but apparently long enough to film for the 2017 Christmas special. Rumors of the Christmas special reportedly started circulating online per an alleged — and elusive — newly released Discovery Channel TV schedule. The Discovery Channel only releases two weeks worth of TV shows at a time on the Discovery Communications website, and the new Alaskan Bush People Christmas special episode finally showed up this past Saturday.

Monsters & Critics shared on Saturday that the “premiere date for the new one-hour episode has now been confirmed,” adding that Alaskan Bush People fans will reportedly get a long-awaited update on the health of Ami Brown during the 2017 Christmas special that the Discovery Channel is calling Episode 1 — possibly, the first episode of Season 8. Both Season 2 and Season 6 of Alaskan Bush People started with Christmas special episodes, and Episode 1, that’s due to air on December 15 at 10:01 p.m. ET, will reportedly show the “first official update” on Ami Brown’s battle with stage 4 lung cancer since she finished up her first round of radiation and chemotherapy back in September, as noted by the Hollywood Gossip.

Monsters & Critics also shared on Saturday that the 2017 Alaskan Bush People Christmas special episode will reportedly update fans on what the other members of the Brown family have been up to since Season 7 ended in August and what the Brown family’s plans are for their future in Colorado.

A few members of the Brown family are back in California where In Touch Weekly shared that Billy Brown recently celebrated his 65th birthday — beachside. Rain Brown shared the celebration on her Instagram account, along with a late birthday message to mom Ami, who celebrated her 54th birthday back in August. In Touch Weekly shared on Monday that Rain Brown is now catching criticism for posting selfies of herself on what’s supposed to be a “birthday tribute” to her parents, who Rain calls her “wonderful daddy” and “adorable mommy.”