Will Tom Hooper Direct Freddie Mercury's Biopic 'Bohemian Rhapsody' As Fox Fires Bryan Singer?

Fox has fired Bryan Singer from his directorial responsibilities for Freddie Mercury's biopic Bohemian Rhapsody. While the director accuses the production company of not allowing him to take care of his sick parents, people are wondering who is going finish the project.

According to Fox, Singer was terminated from Bohemian Rhapsody because of his continuous absence from work. It is also alleged that The Usual Suspects director acted unprofessionally on the set.

Singer allegedly had a number of confrontations with the lead actor of the film, Rami Malek. Rami is playing as Freddie Mercury in the project. In addition, Fox blamed it on the "unexpected unavailability" of the director as well.

Singer said that it was not true that Fox terminated him because of his fights with Malek. While he acknowledges that he had "creative differences" with the actor, he claims they put their differences behind to work on the project together.

Meanwhile, Singer claims that the high-profile production company did not allow him to take care of one of his parents, who was critically suffering due to an illness. The director said he needed to prioritize the health of his parents for some time. However, he desperately wanted to finish the "passion" project, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Tom Hooper won the Oscar for 'The King's Speech.'
Tom Hooper won the Oscar for 'The King's Speech.'

Director Tom Hooper's name comes in this situation because his name was previously associated with this project. According to the Telegraph, it was initially rumored that the director, who won the Oscar for The King's Speech, would direct the movie.

However, there was no official confirmation that Hooper, who directed critically acclaimed movies like Les Misérables and The Danish Girl, could direct Freddie Mercury's biopic. Singer officially came on board last year.

Singer helmed high-budget movies like Superman Returns and many movies in the X-Men series. This is not the first time he is involved in controversies. After scandals related to movie mogul Harvey Weinstein were revealed, past allegations of sexual abuse against the director revived.

Interestingly, one Reddit post noticed how articles that had covered allegations against Singer started disappearing one after another. Bryan Singer has even deleted his Twitter account.