'GTA 6:' Next 'Grand Theft Auto' Title Likely To Have Female Leads, And One Of Them Might Be A Cop

Devina Belle

There's still absolutely no word from Rockstar about a follow-up to the record-breaking GTA V, but fans of the crime simulator franchise are already speculating about the eventual and upcoming release of the next Grand Theft Auto title, tentatively dubbed by the internet as GTA 6.

Over the past years, numerous rumors have emerged about the mysterious title, and almost none of them have been confirmed. So far, the only thing that fans could be assured of is the fact that Rockstar is already starting work on GTA 6. With Red Dead Redemption 2 set to be released early next year, however, it seems like the wait for Grand Theft Auto 6 would last for at least three more years.

Despite the lack of information about the game, however, there are some recent rumors that are, as far as critics are concerned, entirely plausible. One of these is the idea that the game would have multiple protagonists, as noted in a TrustedReviews report. Considering that one of GTA V's most significant merits was its three-pronged storyline, the idea of various main characters in GTA 6 seems to be all but confirmed.

Among these protagonists, however, one of the most prominent rumors is the fact that some of them might be female. When these rumors emerged, many members of the GTA community were split in the middle, with some stating that females just would not work with a Grand Theft Auto storyline, which has been traditionally male-centric, and some celebrating the idea of a female protagonist.

The reaction of the GTA community on the internet was quite notable, too. As could be seen in this Reddit thread, many players of Grand Theft Auto felt that female protagonists would be challenging to integrate with the franchise's style and themes.

There's Divine, a female of African-American descent, whose design bears a striking resemblance to classic blaxploitation heroines in cinema. There's also Katie, a Hispanic character, Mikki, an Asian lead, and Ulrika, a sultry, Scandinavian beauty who is as ruthless as she is dangerous.

So what does this all mean? The idea of a female protagonist for GTA 6 is not that radical at all. If any, it would merely be Rockstar returning to its roots. Female leads, after all, were already in the game 20 years ago.

If there's one thing that would truly push the envelope, it would be the introduction of a female lead that is also a police officer. As noted in a TechRadar report, rumors have been abounding that one of GTA 6's leads would be a police officer, since the game would allow players to play as a criminal or a cop.