Toll Collector Killed After Driver Slams Into Toll Booth On San Francisco Bay Bridge

Paul SakumaAP Images

A 46-year-old toll collector was tragically killed Saturday when a box truck slammed into the booth on San Francisco Bay Bridge in Oakland, California, according to CBS News. Authorities have identified the victim as Si Si Han from San Lorenzo, an employee with the California Department of Transportation who has worked for Caltrans for more than a decade.

The California Highway Patrol states that around 5:10 a.m., a slew of vehicles were waiting in line at the toll booth on San Fransisco Bay Bridge when a suspected drunk driver, Daniel Berk, 32, of Foster City, who was driving a rented box truck from Monarch Truck Rentals, rammed into the last vehicle in line, causing a chain reaction.

The box truck slammed into five vehicles before hitting a barrier and striking No. 14 toll booth, completely destroying it, according to Officer Vu Williams. The San Fransisco Bay Bridge crash photos show the truck split in half after the collision. Berk was ejected from the vehicle and landed on the road, suffering serious injuries. He was transported to an area hospital where he remains.

Berk’s family declined to comment, but a woman claiming to be his sister on Facebook stated that he was in surgery following the San Fransisco Bay Bridge crash.


The toll collector inside the No. 14 booth was pronounced dead at the scene. Han leaves behind her husband, Ryan, and their 10-year-old daughter, Ashly.

Governor Jerry Brown expressed his condolences Saturday in a statement. He also stated that flags were going to be flown over half-staff to honor Han.

The San Fransisco Bay Bridge car crash prompted the California Highway Patrol to close the toll booths and shut down the northbound Interstate 880 to westbound Interstate 80 connector, as well as the carpool flyover from westbound I-80 to the toll plaza and two westbound lanes of I-80 for at least eight or 10 hours.

Two lanes have since been reopened, but the other four remain closed to repair the damage.

Berks was arrested and charged with suspicion of DUI and vehicular manslaughter.

Police officials say they do not believe the San Fransisco Bay Bridge crash was intentional, but it remains under investigation.