’90 Day Fiance’s’ Evelyn And David May Have Started Flirting Before She Was Even Legal

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Evelyn and David, from 90 Day Fiance, have a pretty significant age gap. She is 18-years-old and he is 27-years-old. If that wasn’t controversial enough, fans of the reality show may have found evidence that they started flirting with each other when she was 15-years-old.

According to an article in In Touch Weekly, 90 Day Fiance fans on Reddit tracked down an Instagram post that Evelyn made back in 2014. Evelyn caption the photo: “#christiangirl.” A user with David’s Instagram handle commented on the photo saying, “So cool you are a believer! God bless you!”

It looks like Evelyn responded, “Yes I am.”

The photo is no longer available on Evelyn’s page but there is a screenshot on Starcasm highlighting the comments.

Another redditer found another photo that David posted of him playing ping-pong where he tagged Evelyn in the comments. She replied saying: “Alright, so you’re pretty good.”

In Touch reports that they continued to leave heart-eye emojis under each other’s selfies throughout 2015 when Evelyn would have been 16. Since these screenshots have surfaced, all of the “evidence” that the fans discovered have been deleted from David and Evelyn’s social media pages.

Fans are also upset because it seems that Evelyn and David may have met before the time that filming started.

As another article on In Touch reports, many fans were under the impression that the couple had not met each other in person before they appeared on the show. This is mostly because of some statements David made at the airport when he landed in the U.S.

“It feels amazing to be finally here in person with Evelyn,” David said after he got off the plane.

“It’s amazing to be together, it’s surreal,” Evelyn said. “We haven’t even been together for ten minutes.”

Furthermore, David made it seem that he had never been to the United States before.

“I am very excited to experience life in America. I’ve heard it’s very different,” he said.

But the social media sleuths have found that he posted an Instagram photo in Boston in 2016, which means that the timeline that they suggested is off. Lots of fans claimed that they felt betrayed by the show, although, to be fair, the show never stated that was the first time they met.

“In an interesting turn of events, we have been further frauded. David and Evelyn have been chatting for years… he took this pic in Boston in 2016?” one fan on Reddit said, as reported by In Touch Weekly.

All the show’s website says is that they met when David came across Evelyn’s Instagram account and that he was “captivated” by her singing talent and her strong Christian values. During the show, the couple’s main source of conflict was that he wanted to live in the city, while she wanted to remain in a small town.

The show 90 Day Fiance follows long distance couples who have decided to get married. With each of the couples, one partner is from the United States, while the other isn’t. The show documents their journey toward marriage as they have 90 days to wed before the K1 visa expires and the non-U.S. partner is forced to go home.