Meghan Markle: Racy Photos Of Prince Harry’s Fiancee, From Canadian Magazine Shoot, Revealed

Adrian DennisAP Images

Meghan Markle did a rather racy photo shoot for a Canadian magazine in 2013, and now, thanks to TMZ, they can be revealed.

Don’t worry: the photos aren’t that racy. She’s fully dressed, in tasteful clothing, and you can’t see any of her undergarments or anything like that. But she’s definitely posing in seductive positions, and her garments are positioned in such a way that little is left to the imagination.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Back in 2013, there were three things going on. First, Meghan’s show, Suits, was in its early seasons (it premiered in 2011), and Meghan was doing publicity for her show. Second, Meghan was 32 at the time, and trying to increase the visibility of her acting career. And third, it was a solid three years before she would meet Prince Harry (at the time, Harry was involved with English actress, dancer and model, Cressida Bonas.

At the time, Meghan stopped by Canadian men’s magazine Sharp. Sharp is a men’s lifestyle magazine focusing on travel, leisure, food, and such – sort of like the Canadian equivalent of something like Maxim or GQ. It’s not a nude-y magazine like Playboy, but readers can expect the occasional tasteful, but risque photo spread.

True to form, Meghan’s photos were tasteful if a little titillating.

So are the racy pics of the soon-to-be Princess going to throw a wrench into her plans to marry into the ever-so-proper, ever-so-stuffy British Royal Family, where decorum and protocol rule the day? Almost certainly not! Already, Meghan has a couple of things going on in her life that, a generation or two ago, would have been scandalous. For starters, unlike her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, she’s not a British citizen from a high-class family. She’s an American actress. You may remember that, back in 1936, King Edward VIII, who would have been Harry’s great-uncle, had to abdicate the throne for marrying an American actress. Nowadays, the British public, and Royal Family, seem to have chosen to look the other way at the fact that Meghan’s American, and have lovingly accepted her into the family.

However, her being an American is still seen as something of a liability for Meghan – although an easily-correctable one. For centuries, the British monarchy has held the ceremonial position of being the Defender of the Faith – that is, the Church of England. Meghan, who was brought up culturally Christian in the U.S., will be baptized and confirmed into the Church of England before she marries Harry, according to The Metro.