Terry Crews Tweets Text He Sent His Agent After Being Groped, Says Adam Venit Got A Pass

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Terry Crews has accused high-powered agent Aam Venit of sexually assaulting him and Crews is not backing down on those accusations. In a recent tweet from Crews, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star shared a screenshot of the text message he sent his agent back in 2016, accusing his fellow agent of groping him, yet Venti got a pass?

According to HuffPost, Crews was not going to let the man accused of sexually assaulting him get away with it. In the tweet, Crews said, ″The actual text to my agent Brad Slater at @WME 28 hours after my February 4th 2016 assault by the agency’s Adam Venit.”

Venit is an agent at William Morris Endeavor, so a coworker of Crews’ agent, Brad Slater. Venit is accused of grabbing Crews’ crotch at a party, which happened to take place in front of Terry’s wife. The agent then proceeded to stick out his tongue. Since the Harvey Weinstein allegations went public, Crews has been very outspoken about what happened to him. HuffPost said Crews tweeted out the text exchange to prevent Venit from “getting a pass.”

In this new tweet from Crews, the text message shows that not only did Crews tell Slater that Venit groped him, but he also accused him of being “doped up.”


The reason this new revelation came from Crews is because Venit was recently brought back to work at WME after a 30-day suspension, according to Deadline. The agency did an investigation into the allegations during those 30 days and now Venit is back to work as an agent, but no longer the head of WME’s Motion Picture Group.

Since the agency did not fire Venit, HuffPost claims that Crews wanted to have the screenshot as evidence that Venit’s behavior did not go unreported. Also in the text message, Crews said he was hanging out with Adam Sandler that night, who is represented by Venit. Deadline said that Venit’s other clients include Emma Stone, Dustin Hoffman, and Sylvester Stallone.

Crews also claims that WME’s co-chairman Ari Emanuel said he did not know anything about this until Crews publicly accused Venit on Twitter. However, this text exchange was clearly dated February 6, 2016. With Venit being back at work now, Crews said he “got a pass” for his actions.

In the end, Crews said he understands why many sexual assault victims do not come forward, but he is hoping his story and him coming forward will inspire others to do the same.